The astrological profile of Aries is very clear; this is an extremely hard-charging and courageous sign.

Read an Astrological Profile of Aries

Aries are strong in both body and mind, and they have a delightfully charming way of picking themselves up after a set-back, dusting themselves off and getting right back into the ring of life.

It€™s not as Aries people are protected from misfortune or smile away their cares. In fact, many Aries have had it quite tough with a seemingly endless slew of problems behind them. The key to Aries is the sign's indomitable spirit that always seems to say €œdown, but not out€.

Meet the Zodiac€™s Fighter

That indomitable spirit is present in both females and males of this sign because going after what they want just comes naturally to them. In fact, not fighting back in the face of daunting odds is what can make them feel depressed, restless and angry. People of this sign need to fight their battles and act courageously; not doing so is like denying a large part of themselves.

Me First

Aries does have a me-first attitude. This sign wants to be the first in everything from winning the game to bringing home the largest bonuses at work. Coming in second place is very difficult for an Aries, and if he loses at something, it can take some time for him to feel confident again.


Incredibly Charming

Even with Aries€™ me-first attitude, this sign is still one of the most charming of the zodiac. Regardless of whether or not physical beauty is present, Aries is always quick to flash that broad smile and belt out a hearty laugh that makes romantic partners weak in the knees. Aries

people have that special blend of charm, energy and vivaciousness that garners attention no matter where they go.

Fiery Temper

Aries is quick to get angry, and people of this sign are not the type that try to hide their anger. Even if they want to, that telltale flush and those flashing eyes give it way every time. However, the good news is that Aries people rarely stay angry for long; they will erupt in anger for a few minutes, but they€™ll happily move on to something else once the initial explosion is over.

Partnering with Aries

The astrological profile of Aries also relays that this sign has a bit of trouble partnering with someone in the traditional sense. In other words, if your idea of partnering with someone is to be together twenty-four hours a day, holding hands and sitting on the porch, it may be best to look elsewhere. Aries people are always doing, discovering or exploring something; sitting around watching the grass grow doesn€™t play well with this action-oriented sign.

It€™s for this reason that sun sign Aries partners best with fellow fire sun signs like Leo and Sagittarius. Both of these signs don€™t mind exploring the world and having a great time while doing it.

The air signs also get along well with Aries. The only potential difficulty with Aries' pairing with Libra, Gemini or Aquarius is that these signs love the abstract, while Aries prefers things to be a bit more concrete. That said, note that it is not impossible for Aries to find happiness with an earth or water sign, particularly if Aries has planets in earth and water signs or vice versa.

Flirty and Fearless

This is a very flirtatious sign. Aries people know that others are attracted to them, and they€™ll take any opportunity to turn on the charm. They can€™t help it; they just love anything that is new, and that includes people!

However, there€™s really no need to distrust this sign if you are romantically involved with an Aries. They are rarely unfaithful.

If you want to tip the odds in your favor, be sure to:

Listen to what Aries is saying.

Praise Aries often.

Have fun with Aries.

Don€™t cling; live your own life.

Be happy, and show it when you're with your Aries.

Aries is a wonderful sign to get to know better. These natives make great friends, fun lovers and adventurous lifelong partners. With Aries, you€™ll have a friend that will stand by you no matter what life throws your way.

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