Cancer can be an emotional and jealous zodiac sign, which can create tensions within his or her relationships. Because of this, Cancer does not match up well with zodiac signs that possess similar character traits, and will enjoy successful relationships with less dramatic partners. Cancer tends to work well with Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancer and Taurus

This zodiac combination can be successful, but it requires both Cancer and Taurus to be patient and willing to compromise. Both of these zodiac signs value security and stability in their relationships, and are interested in forging lifelong unions. Both Cancer and Taurus are affectionate and loving, but this does not mean that the relationship is boring. Even though neither of these zodiac signs are particularly fiery or explosive, this is likely to be a partnership that is not short of passion. Cancer and Taurus possess differing personality traits, but they can compliment each other well. For example, patient Taurus is happy to spend time adapting to the sometimes volatile mood swings of Cancer. This is not a perfect match by any means, as Cancer's tendency to change moods frequently can create significant tension. This can be particularly evident in the bedroom, as Cancer is prone to rejecting the advances of Taurus if he or she feels aggrieved or annoyed. Over time, this can build resentment and friction. Fortunately, this is a zodiac combination that often improves as the relationship progresses, which can cancel out such situations.

Cancer and Leo

This zodiac combination often works well, despite some differences in their personalities. They may be almost polar opposites, but these zodiac signs compliment each other enough for a successful union to be created. Cancer has a tendency to be insecure and possessive, but the Leo has the right type of personality to pacify Cancer. Leo will usually take a leading role in this partnership, especially in the bedroom. A promising relationship can develop if Cancer is willing to compromise in this department.

Cancer and Virgo

This is another case of opposites attract. Virgo is logical and likes to act rationally, while Cancer is ruled by his or her emotions. While this may sound like a recipe for disaster, these zodiac signs can bring out the best in each other through their differing personalities. Both Cancer and Virgo enjoy discussing their hopes, dreams and plans for the future, but there is a big possibility that this will amount to little more than talk as neither is a strong enough character to force the issue and start the ball rolling.

Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio likes to take charge, which suits the more reserved temperament of Cancer. Although the possessiveness of Cancer can irritate other zodiac signs, Scorpio actually takes comfort in this personality trait and sees it as being an indication of Cancer's commitment. Cancer is a peacemaker who is happy to agree with Scorpio, and this suits Scorpio perfectly. This tends to be a passionate zodiac combination which is a good basis for a lifelong union.

Cancer and Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces like to dream, but there are some significant differences in their characters. Whereas Pisces is content to dream without actually doing much to make their goals happen, Cancer possesses the drive to turn both of their dreams into reality. Pisces relishes having a partner who will provide support and affection. Cancer will usually be the dominant partner in the bedroom, but Pisces will add some quirkiness into the equation. Although they will argue at times, most disputes will be resolved in the bedroom.

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