Why does one cat act like he’s magnetized to your lap and another thrash like a tiger when petted? If you are a pet owner, you’ve probably noticed differences in attitude, behavior and personality between pets, even those of the same breed and that came from the same litter. Astrology influences animal behavior and personality just as it does in humans. A cat’s birth sign, rising sign and planetary placements play a role in the pet’s behavior and personality.

Animals are pure expressions of astrological influences, unlike humans who can modify their behavior based on their own or society’s expectations. Knowing your cat’s birth date and time will help a cat’s owner understand and accept their pet’s individual quirks. It may even serve to warn of potential problems with regard to the animal’s behavior.

For example, a cat with the rising sign of Leo will rule his or her roost. Add Venus to the rising sign, and you’ll have a benevolent dictator; Saturn or Marts in the rising sign may create a tyrant. One cat that had the sun, Venus and Mercury in his rising sign of Leo loved to be the center of attention and literally thrived on applause. He had kitty charisma, and even people who disliked cats took note of his regal presence. He was not a purebred animal, but won a number of prize ribbons in the “Happy Household Pet” category at cat shows. Compare this with his successor, also a Leo cat that had Mars in his first house. This animal decided an entire city block was his territory, and any other animal – cat, rabbit or dog – that crossed his path received a thrashing. This cat’s motto was, “Thou shall have no other cats before me,” and he backed it up with paws in motion. By contrast, his littermate was born with Virgo rising. He was totally non-confrontational, befriending one stray cat with which he would go on mouse-hunting trips in nearby fields. This animal preferred purring to battling.

In general, fire-sign cats – those with strong Aries, Leo or Sagittarian influences – will be adventurous. Look for a fire-sign kitten to climb up curtains, leap from one piece of furniture to another with reckless abandon, and bat at a wayward dog’s behind. The word, “No” from their owner may result in a kamikaze attack on bare toes or a shrill, vocal response followed by behavior that implies that rules were made to be broken. Fiery felines are charming brats who reward those owners who defer to their wishes with warmth and affection that knows no bounds. Once they have wreaked sufficient havoc for the day, they happily settle down on an accommodating lap and often groom their owner’s hands and face as well as their own fur.

Cats with Aquarius, Gemini or Libra rising signs are the prototypical “curious cats.” All manner of communications intrigue these animals, and they are likely to perch next to the computer keyboard on which their owner is typing, on top of the newspaper their owner is reading, or as close to the telephone as possible while their owner is having a conversation. Air-sign cats love puzzles, and disassembling their toys (or those belonging to their human) so they can see what is inside is a favorite activity. These cats are not cuddly, but they love to be included in conversations. When they choose to talk back, it comes out as a paragraph rather than a brief, “Meow.”

The cuddlers of the zodiac are the water-sign cats. Any cat with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces as a rising sign will be a perpetual kitten, and look to his or her owner to be Mama. These animals tend to be shy at first and need a lot of reassurance that they are loved, and regular one-on-one interaction between cat and owner causes these cats to flourish. Water-sign cats do best as only cats or with a littermate as a companion; their native insecurity and sensitivity permits them to be bullied and pushed aside by more assertive animals. Inherent in the nature of water signs is the tendency to eat as an emotional outlet and to put on weight, and these cats often beg for – and are rewarded with – people food.

Loyalty is the primary characteristic of earth-sign cats. A cat with Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo rising bonds strongly with his or her owner and will accept no substitutions nor allows any intrusions. This may be disruptive if the owner decides to include another human in the relationship. Earth-sign cats assume proprietary interest in their human and often assign themselves as the official caretaker. They may become alarm-clock cats, ensuring that the normal 6 a.m. rising time is maintained on weekends and holidays. They tend to invent rules comprehensible only to a cat, and then will fuss and meow if their human fails to adhere to these rules. A spate of pouting may erupt if the human is out of compliance, but the mood is happily resolved when the human finally gets with the program. On the flip side, earth-sign cats will be the ones who lick tears off of their human’s face and will listen patiently to their human’s stories, no matter how many times they’ve heard the same one. These are the rock-solid friends you wish you could find among the human species.

Cats can be baffling. With the help of astrology, the relationship between a cat and his or her human can turn from being a battleground into becoming a garden of catnip.

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