Unlike the position of the Earth in our solar system, the element of earth lies dead center in the Chinese astrological charts. This is probably because ancients believed the Earth was the center of the universe and all celestial bodies circled our planet.

People born under the element of Earth seem to feel the universe revolves around them as well. Self centered, ambitious and stubborn, earth people are used to getting what they want and achieving their goals. Failure is foreign to them.

Of course, being the center of the universe brings on responsibility to those who serve you. And, the earth element handles this charge with grace and ease. Earth people are patient, and thoughtful. They take the time to care for those around them, and they are skilled at looking at a situation and evaluating what is needed.

Goals are achieved through hard work and determination. Earth people know how to plan for the long term and they are stable enough to stick with the plan to its success.

The stubbornness of the earth element is a double-edged sword, giving those born under its rule the determination to follow through when things are tough, and the audacity to defend their point, even when they are wrong.

Earth people understand that when you rule the universe you have an obligation to serve it as well. Those under this element enjoy service work and are likely to take on jobs where they are helping others. Good earth element jobs include nurses, doctors, teachers and therapists.

Those with the earth element tend to have difficulties with the stomach and spleen. Careful attention to diet is very important, as is chewing food carefully. Anything an earth person can do to enhance digestion will be a great aid to maintaining optimal health.

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