Chinese Astrology Rooster The tenth sign in the circle of Chinese astrological chart is the Rooster. Like the reputation of its namesake, people born under this sign are usually pretentious, and conceited.

Roosters are almost always preoccupied with their looks. You will never find a rooster with a hair out place, and they are always perfectly dressed. They are attractive, and they like to dress to impress.

Those born to the rooster will be the first to notice when you wear a new outfit. And, when they say you look stunning, they mean it. On the other hand, they are just as likely to notice and comment when youre not looking your best.

For all this preoccupation with looks, the rooster is equally hard on himself. Youre your own worst critic describes the rooster perfectly.

Roosters love to be in the middle of everything. They truly shine when all attention is on them. Throwing a dinner party for fifty of their closest friends is fun and relaxing for them. Dont forget to bring along a friend or two, as well. Roosters love meeting and impressing new people. They thrive on the unexpected.

Attention to detail is their strong point. Roosters revel in the opportunity to show off their skills with small details. Those with the rooster sign make wonderful lawyers and doctors.

Roosters are typically traight-forward in their dealings with other people. You can always count on them to give an honest opinion. Sometimes to a fault. Their lack of tact can leave others feeling hurt and offended, athough that is not usually the roosters intention.

On the other side, rooster people are wise, and compassionate. They are confident in their opinions and judgments. Brave and willing to help, roosters are good people to have on your side during a row of bad luck.

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