As an outgoing and sometimes temperamental zodiac sign, Gemini is often best suited to zodiac signs that are able to counteract his or her jealousy and extravagant personality. For example, Leo has the ability to cope well with Gemini's tendency to avoid intimacy after an argument as he or she understands Gemini's reasons for doing so. Gemini also enjoys successful relationships with zodiac signs that have the same interests to themselves. This is the case with Aries and Libra, who both have similar characters and interests to Gemini.

Gemini and Leo

This zodiac combination generally involves lots of affection. Leo can change his or her mood at the drop of a hat, but Gemini is able to cope with this without being troubled by it. Likewise, Leo's high self-esteem means that he or she turns a blind eye to Gemini's tendency to flirt outrageously. Leo can be confused by Gemini's fluctuating desire for sex, but is able to pinpoint the possible reasons for this to diffuse the situation. While both Gemini and Leo tend to prefer relationships that are both passionate and emotional, this partnership is likely to be solid rather than spectacular.

Gemini and Aries

This can be a successful zodiac combination as Gemini and Aries share some similar personality traits. Both of these zodiac signs enjoy being active and have boundless energy. Aries likes to be the dominant partner within a relationship, but this can be problematic with Gemini. In the bedroom, Aries is likely to take control with Gemini offering creativity to keep Aries satisfied in that department.

Gemini and Libra

This zodiac combination involves a strong intellectual connection, as well as a significant amount of mutual passion. While both Gemini and Libra are prone to jealousy, this will rarely be demonstrated at the same time. They compliment each other exceptionally well in the bedroom, and have an exciting and adventurous sexual connection. In addition to the passion, these zodiac signs have enough common interests to make them highly compatible, which bodes well for a long term partnership.

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