Every person on this earth has some relation with the stars and planets that move their positions high up in the sky. These planets and stars are the part of astrology that decide our future and help us to shine bright. The movement of the planets, birth charts, patterns and many other elements make up our fortune and take us towards our destiny. Some people consider astrology as a part of science; some take it as mathematics of knowing about the patterns and some take it as the study of the objects in the sky.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the cosmic objects like stars, planets, moon and the major source, Sun. The power that comes out of these sources affects our lives in different ways. Astrology cannot be considered as a part of the science or mathematics, but it is a study that is further than this physical world and so it is called a part of metaphysics. In the ancient times, people were familiar with the six planets only and included the sun and the moon as well. However, just a few centuries prior to the 21st century, the other three planets namely Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were included in the Astrology. So, some people also believe that astrology is the mother of all sciences.

How Astrology works?

Usually, when people are asked, “What is Astrology”, they link up the study with their sun signs. For such people, astrology revolves around their sun signs, tarot cards and numerology. Sun Signs are nothing but the twelve constellations of the zodiac which accommodate people as per their names, birth dates and some other elements to name a few. The daily horoscopes that we follow are actually based on the zodiac signs.

In point of fact, most of the astrologers study the signs and patterns of the planets that they were at the time of birth to make more clearer predictions about any person. By studying the movements of planets at the time of birth, the astrologers can give a definite picture about the future prospects and the personal life of that person. Three forms of astrology are followed by the astrologers namely Chinese Astrology, Tibetan Astrology and Vedic Astrology. Apart from these, astrologers even follow some western astrology like natal and mundane astrology to make predictions about the people by focusing their birth dates and to foretell the world events like financial economies and natural calamities to name a few.

Benefits of Astrology

These days, Astrology has become a vital part of our lives that contribute a lot in helping people to understand their relationships better. Sun Signs, numerology and daily horoscopes have become a necessity for some people that have the curiosity to comprehend with the metaphysical elements on this earth. These days, people want to have clear idea about their personal lives, their relationship with other people and their love life. So, they take the help of Astrology to become a better human being and get ready for the problems that they might experience in their further life.

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