Someone who decides to begin learning astrology can face a daunting endeavor, especially if they are unfamiliar with its practices. Learning astrology often involves reading and interpreting a large amount of data, which might make prospective astrologers hesitant. If you are set on learning astrology, however, there are some things you can do to greatly help the learning process.

Tips for Learning Astrology

Accept the fact that you must memorize a large amount of information to learn astrology. Astrology practically has its own language, which is full of specific symbols, glyphs, signs and aspects. Simply sit down with your learning material and try to memorize the different symbols and their associations. It may help to start writing them. The more solidly you can memorize the basics, the more quickly and effectively you will learn astrology.

Collect horoscope charts of family members, friends and a few famous people. Reading charts can be much easier when you have a personal connection with the subject or know details about their life. This can be a great way of learning astrology and might encourage you by making the process more meaningful. Likewise, study your own horoscope in great detail. You will be able to apply your astrology knowledge in much more subtle ways, since you are much more aware of your own mental state.

Keep a journal detailing your daily activities, accomplishments, setbacks, new acquaintances, dreams and anything else you deem valuable. Later, look back through your journal and compare it with your charts. With an accurate record of your daily life, you can more easily make connections with your astrological data. Similarly, write up a short chronology of your life including major events such as your birth, marriages, divorces, birth of children, death of loved ones, job changes, health issues and any event that you can pinpoint as being profoundly influential on your world view. Whereas your journal lets you make connections with minor details, your life chronology will assist you in making very major connections. By studying your own horoscope in such depth, you will almost certainly increase your understanding and practice of astrology.

After you have studied horoscope charts in detail, you should try to pay attention to all events in your life and try to make connections with an astrological calendar. Try to make correlations between star or planet movements and events that you observe every day if possible. Practice is the best way of learning astrology, and this can be a very effective way to acquire experience.

One of the best ways of learning astrology is simply immersing yourself in it. Take an astrology class or read an astrology book to help you understand astrology from the angle of another. Similarly, try visiting astrology chat rooms, blogs or groups and become active in the dialog there. Just like learning a foreign language, surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps your knowledge grow just by listening and talking. If you can actually meet up with fellow astrologers, bring your collection of charts and see what they think. Another opinion can completely change the way you interpret your horoscopes.

Astrology is a vast subject. As such, the best way to learn astrology is to dive in. No one book or class will make you a competent astrologer. Instead, you must completely surround yourself with astrological knowledge. By making sure that you are exposed to astrology in as many forms as possible, you can make your learning process fast and thorough.

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