Leo can demonstrate changeable moods, which may cause tensions with some zodiac signs. With the right partner though, this will often be a relatively minor cause of tension in his or her relationships. For example, Gemini is usually unaffected by Leo's tendency to be moody, while Virgo actually takes pride in Leo's personality.

Leo and Scorpio

This zodiac combination involves a strong physical attraction on both sides, but Scorpio's jealous nature and volatile personality can cause tensions in the relationship. As both Leo and Scorpio tend to be dominant characters, this partnership can be temperamental. Despite this, the relationship tends to be a solid and successful union. There is likely to be little in the way of romance between them, but a good long term relationship can be formed.

Leo and Virgo

This zodiac combination is a good basis for a long term partnership. Virgo can be critical at times, but Leo is happy to look past this. Virgo is very proud of Leo's personality and sense of humor, while Leo is in awe of Virgo's sharp mind. In the bedroom, Virgo introduces emotional intensity and is always looking for ways to keep Leo satisfied in this department.

Leo and Gemini

This zodiac combination can result in a solid marriage. Leo can be moody, but Gemini is rarely negatively affected by this aspect of Leo's personality. Likewise, Leo turns a blind eye to Gemini's tendency to flirt. Any tensions that occur in this relationship are usually minor and are pushed to one side fairly quickly. Gemini may shy away from having sex with Leo if he or she is feeling disgruntled, but Leo has the ability to turn this around so that it does not become a big issue.

Leo and Aries

This zodiac combination can be successful if both Leo and Aries are willing to compromise their personalities to some extent. Both of these zodiac signs tend to be quite forceful and do not like to back down without a fight. In the bedroom, they are very well matched. However, this will not be enough to make the relationship last on a long term basis if neither zodiac sign is willing to compromise.

Leo and Cancer

This zodiac combination often works well. Cancer can be a temperamental zodiac sign, but Leo is able to negate this. In addition, Leo can offer some self confidence for insecure Cancer, which allows Cancer to feel that he or she can rely on Leo. Although Cancer is often insecure, he or she often likes to take charge in the bedroom and this can irritate Leo. If Cancer is willing to share the role of leader with Leo, the passionate connection that follows should form the basis of a successful partnership.

Leo and Sagittarius

These zodiac signs share similar interests such as socializing and being adventurous. Both enjoy being passionate and have a healthy sex life as a result of this. Sagittarius can sometimes be an unfaithful zodiac sign, but Leo encourages a greater degree of fidelity from Sagittarius. Their strong compatibility usually results in a successful long term union.

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