Between Two Worlds: Life on the Cusp

Each Sign of the Zodiac has a date range attached. Scorpio, for example, is October 23d to November 21st of each year. For the vast majority of people, this date range is just fine, because theyll fit somewhere between those dates.

What about the small number of people who arent so lucky? What about the handful of people who are born at midnight on the night of November 21st? Are they Scorpio or are they Sagittarius?

The answer to that question is Yes.

People born on the Cuspthat is, right on the dividing line between two signsarent quite sure which of the signs they are. They will inherit tendencies from both.

For example, someone born on August 21 or 22 is right on the cusp between Leo and Virgo. This person could have Leos advantages, such as the natural leadership and the drive to conquer and succeed.

However, one of Leos weaknesses is in the details. When youre destined for greatness, like Leo is, you dont have much time or patience for little everyday details.

Virgo, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the most detail oriented of all the signs. Someone lucky enough to have been born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo might also be lucky enough to pick up traits from each sign that counter the weaknesses of the other.

By the same token, Cusp people need to be aware that they could inherit tendencies and weaknesses that can make the situation worse, not better. Combining the gloomy depression of the Capricorn with the fear of rejection and overall sensitivity of the Aquarius is a recipe for disaster.

Horoscopes generally give people a wide variety of traits and tendencies to think about. Those lucky few born on the cusp between signs have even more possibilities to think about.

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