Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which often means that it is an unpredictable zodiac sign. Because of this, individuals born under this sign can find it difficult to forge long term relationships with some zodiac signs. Generally, Sagittarius works best with Aries, Leo and Aquarius. To a lesser extent, Libra can also be a good match but this zodiac combination will require considerable effort on both sides.

Sagittarius and Aries

This is a good match as they share common interests. Both Sagittarius and Aries are social and enjoy luxury. Although Sagittarius has a tendency to cause arguments, this is counteracted by the fact that Aries is optimistic and has a good sense of humor. As they are a well balanced partnership, this zodiac combination tends to be successful. However, there may be some issues in the bedroom and this can set the tone for the rest of the relationship. If things are not good in this department, the relationship is still likely to survive.

Sagittarius and Leo

Both of these zodiac signs value their freedom and like to spend time on their own. Despite this, they are also social and like to make new friends. Sagittarius provides the perfect stimulation for Leo, whereas Leo encourages Sagittarius to be more monogamous. Because of this, they compliment each other well. This is usually a highly successful combination that results in a lifelong commitment.

Sagittarius and Libra

This can technically be a good combination, but this largely depends on whether or not Sagittarius and Libra can compromise enough to form a successful union. Libra craves stability and security, which may not be forthcoming from fiercely independent Sagittarius. This can cause issues within the partnership and may ultimately destroy it if neither party is willing to compromise to make the relationship work. Although there is good potential for a long term relationships between Sagittarius and Libra, it is also likely that the romance will be of the short term variety.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

This can be a highly successful zodiac combination as they connect on both an intellectual and physical level. They both have an active social life but are also happy to give each other space when this is necessary. Things are usually heated and unpredictable in the bedroom. This partnership will usually survive on a long term basis as the two zodiac signs share many similar qualities and values in addition to their physical compatibility.

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