Scorpio can be a jealous and possessive zodiac sign, and this can have a negative impact on his or her relationships. Fortunately, not all zodiac signs are put off by this and some will actually revel in it. Scorpio tends to work well with Leo, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces, although there will sometimes still be tensions.

Scorpio and Leo

There is a strong attraction between these zodiac signs, but this may not be enough to form a successful relationship in the long term. Leo can become disillusioned by the unpredictability of Scorpio, and this can cause tensions within the relationship. As both Scorpio and Leo both enjoy taking the lead, this can be a volatile partnership. However, the union can also be affectionate and passionate.

Scorpio and Cancer

This zodiac combination is successful despite the fact that Scorpio and Cancer have very different characters. Cancer is quite reserved and welcomes the direction and guidance offered from the more dominant Scorpio. Cancer is not put off by Scorpio's jealousy, and actually takes comfort in this. Scorpio enjoys the emotional intensity that Cancer puts into his or her relationships. This helps to reduce Scorpio's tendency to be possessive, as Cancer offers little reason for Scorpio to feel threatened with regards to the relationship.

Scorpio and Capricorn

This zodiac combination is likely to be driven by passion. Scorpio likes to be adventurous in the bedroom, and revels in the fact that Capricorn is more than able to keep pace. Capricorn sees Scorpio's jealousy as a sign of commitment and is not at all annoyed by it. They are a good team as Capricorn's organisational skills and Scorpio's cunning nature make a good combination.

Scorpio and Pisces

This zodiac combination involves a lot of mutual passion. Pisces is a very indecisive zodiac sign, and benefits hugely from Scorpio's domination within the partnership. Scorpio's possessiveness makes Pisces feel secure in the relationship, while Pisces' reliance on Scorpio gives him or her a sense of purpose

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