What better way to buy for your special man than to delve into the characteristic likes and dislikes of their zodiac? Each man has those unique astrological traits that set them apart from everyone else, so use these to your advantage and make the gift distinctive to him.

Aquarius Men:
The Aquarius man is a progressive individual who leans towards originality with hints of unpredictability at times. Try using a little imagination with this man’s gift and stay away from the standard items like socks and conservative clothing. If you’re really looking for something in the menswear section, be more edgy in the selection and anything in the blue tones will work well. Jewelry with garnet, amethyst, or opal all fit this man’s character. Watches should be stylish, but practical – don’t get into something overly garish with this man.

Aries Men:
Bloodstone and diamonds are the two gemstones meant for the Aries man, so you don’t have to look any farther when selecting something for his bling collection. Anything red in his wardrobe will reflect the passion and excitement of this individual. This gentleman is an impulsive adventurer and your gifts should take this into consideration. Make watches and casual clothing fit his active lifestyle. The man can be impatient which means that any present that keeps him tied to one place for any length of time may not be a good idea – trash the idea of board games, jigsaw puzzles and brain teasers.

Cancer Men:
The Cancer man is a shrewd negotiator who’s cautious when it comes to his purchases and he’ll expect you to be the same way. On the other hand, this gentleman can be contradictory which allows you some freedom to go beyond those normal spending restraints and be a bit frivolous when it comes to buying his gift. If you’re looking at clothes, go with something with pale blues and silvers. Any bling that you buy can include emeralds, pearls, or the ever popular ruby. Whatever you decide to buy, this is one man who will appreciate the thought put into it.

Capricorn Men:
This gentleman is too down to earth for frivolous gifts, so give some thought to what you’re going to buy for this Capricorn man. His realistic nature dictates that you use logic in your purchase and look at something that has a practical use. Novelty gifts won’t work, but tools and electronics fit well in this man’s outlook on life. Again, clothing should reflect his practical side which means that flamboyant attire is definitely out of the question. He’s not big on bling, but something with a small adornment of ruby or black onyx on his jewelry is an excellent highlight.

Gemini Men:
A Gemini man is way too logical for any ‘off-the-wall’ gifts, so make sure what you give has a practical use … for him. The gentleman has such diverse interests that he’s not all that difficult to please. Ties and socks can be left in the store. Take a look at his hobbies because he has many. Any gift touching on the current interest will make him smile. If you’re looking at clothing, your best bet will be something versatile to reflect his ever changing moods. A Gemini’s special color is yellow, so you have to know that any gold jewelry will be a hit. Agates and white sapphires wear well on this mans finger.

Leo Men:
Shopping for the Leo man can be fun if you remember that he’s a confident, outgoing individual who enjoys being the center of attention. Focus on anything that will bring compliments such as “Wow, I bet that cost a lot” or, “Is that ever nice!” Yes, his ego does well when it’s stroked. Definitely choose gold when it comes to jewellery. Onyx or golden topaz rings always look good on his finger. As long as you buy whatever’s in style, you’ll have no problem choosing something for his wardrobe. Toys for Leo men – they can never have enough!

Libra Men:
The words charming and logical nicely describe the Libra man, so anything chosen for his wardrobe should show signs of refinement and versatility. Tones of blue usually work. Stay away from the faddish, but somewhat ‘wild’ colors and designs that may be in the storefront window. He’ll appreciate your gift, but it’ll probably never be worn. The same holds true for jewelry and that’s possibly why Libra gemstones favour the softer colors of opal and peridot. This relaxed gentleman will value whatever you give him, but something that says “just for you” could bring a tear to his eye.

Pisces Men:
The Pisces man is a very perceptive individual and often good at guessing what lies beneath the packaging. Buying for this guy means you’ll have to think ‘beyond the box’ and use some imagination and ingenuity when making that special purchase, or wrapping the gift. Although not big on bling this man will wear a tasteful ring that sports a sapphire or amethyst. Remember the romantic side of this fellow. A gift of a special evening may bring more joy than something boxed. Practicality isn’t one of his strongest suits, so don’t worry about the gift being totally sensible. Useful might be good, but fun is better.

Sagittarius Men:
Anything unconventional will be a winner, so use your imagination when shopping for the Sagittarius gentleman. He can be superficial, irresponsible and fun loving, so the world is a shopping mall when it comes to finding a gift for this guy. Throw caution to the wind and let your imagination run wild because he’ll appreciate it. Sagittarius includes five stones (topaz, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise), so there’s no limit to the bling for this man as long as you make it unique. You may not immediately think purple when it comes to clothing, but ties and shirts with this hue are quite becoming to this one.

Scorpio Men:
Passionate describes the Scorpio man, so if you’re thinking of a special tie go with something in shades of red. This is a sexy gentleman whose wardrobe and jewelry should reflect that. The man isn’t big on change and will resist some of the newer fashions that come along, but he will accept something different if it’s kept in good taste. Unobtrusive jewelry with opal, aquamarine, or beryl looks good on him. Because past gifts for this man usually haven’t strayed too far from the center line, this could be the time to provide some mystery and intrigue with your present.

Taurus Men:
The man is practical, but your gift doesn’t have to be. Gifts for the Taurus man are usually related to his grounded personality, but maybe now is the time to make the change and give him something just for him. With the versatility of gemstones for Taurus, tasteful rings containing sapphire, amber, or an emerald would suit the style of this gentleman. Don’t go overboard with a loud fashion statement for this guy when shopping for clothes. Pale blues should win out over a solid pink when buying a shirt. He can wear the color, but he won’t feel comfortable in it.

Virgo Men:
This practical man doesn’t want to be the center of attention, so keep this in mind when shopping for his gift. Refined and conservative best describe his choice of clothing with grays and navy blue colors being a safe choice. You might want to try something more dramatic on him, but it’s not a good idea. If you’re thinking about some bling for this guy, go with rings containing jade, moss agate, or blue sapphire. Keep the look modest and refined and the Virgo gentleman will proudly wear your gift.

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