There’s no better way to buy for your special woman than to explore the distinctive likes and dislikes of her zodiac. Each woman has unique astrological characteristics that set them apart from everyone else, so use them to your advantage and make the gift distinctive to her.

Aquarius Women:
This woman enjoys the latest in fashions, so gifts for the Aquarius woman should be more progressive and original. Use some imagination when shopping for this lady and shy away from any of the old standards. She wears blue well and any jewelry with garnet, amethyst, or opal will catch her attention – just make sure it’s something that fits with the latest styles. If you’re in doubt, visit the more trendy shops and talk to the sales people.

Aries Women:
This woman is passionate and any addition to her wardrobe that includes the color red will reflect this. The bloodstone is her zodiac gemstone, but diamonds will work just as well – just keep the bling a match to her active lifestyle. This lady is adventurous and is drawn to things that are ‘out of the norm’, so use some imagination when selecting her gift. Keep the word ‘trendy’ in mind during your shopping excursion.

Cancer Women:
Because this lady cherishes her loved ones, gifts from them mean a great deal to the Cancer woman. Any shopping relating to birthdays or anniversaries should be personal, so leave the microwave ovens, toasters and other household items for another time. She may balk at you spending too much money on her, but don’t let that dissuade you – she will really appreciate you making a flamboyant purchase just for her. This woman looks great in anything pale blue, or silver, as long as the clothing isn’t too pretentious. If you want to increase her bling, go for jewelry accented with emeralds, pearls, or a ruby.

Capricorn Women:
Practical and steady best describes the Capricorn woman, so any gifts should reflect her realistic nature. You can certainly spoil her a bit with some ruby or black onyx adorned jewellery as long as the selection is refined and not garish. Stay away from loud prints on any clothing and turn to more sophisticated attire in earthy tones of dark green and browns – the colors of nature and earth. A work related gift will work as long as it’s personalized – go with a picture frame verses pen and pencil set. Toasters will work when accompanied by a manicure set.

Gemini Women:
Just because this woman was born under the sign of The Twins doesn't mean you have to give her double of everything, but it certainly couldn't hurt. Keep clothing sophisticated and toned down in terms of color. Wild patterns probably won’t get a nod of approval. Gold is always good. Necklaces, rings, broaches, bracelets and anklets all make perfect presents for this lady. When it comes to gems, try white sapphire, pearls or moonstone. Keep the jewelry in good taste because gaudy will probably end up being returned. Use your imagination with this woman and buy her something she probably wouldn't buy for herself.

Leo women:
If there’s any woman who’s sure of who she is, it’s the Leo lady. This high level of confidence makes it rather easy to buy her a gift because anything that’s in the current fashion trend will suit her quite nicely. Gold, gold, and more gold -- nothing more need be said. She’s an active gal, so keep this in mind when searching the stores. It’s always a good idea to make the gifts versatile. Select clothing that is casual, yet dressy enough to wear when you treat her to that evening dinner. Keep the jewelry practical – classy, but not garish. Make the gifts personal and stay away from the small appliance department when shopping.

Libra Women:
It doesn't matter what you buy this caring lady because she’ll like whatever you give her. That’s her way and why it’s important to give her something special, something that shows it’s just for her. Blue and lavender always look good on the Libra lady, so wardrobe selections in those hues will work well. Stones such as peridot and opal are good choices for this woman. Always remember that the Libra woman is logical, so whatever you buy must be somewhat practical. Don’t choose jewelry that can’t be worn every day, or a seasonal dress that stays in the closet 364 days a year.

Pisces Women:
The Pisces woman is a highly emotional and intuitive lady, so anything you give her will probably be received with a tear – even if she’s already guessed what it is. Be sure, she’ll want to touch and shake any present you have, so ingenuity in disguising her gift is a must. This woman loves romance, so keep that in mind when looking at the sapphire, jade or amethyst jewelry … or planning to surprise her with a special evening. Tending to be less than practical, the Pisces woman makes it fun to shop for since those “I never thought of that” gifts are usually a big hit. A useful present might be good, but something fun is better.

Sagittarius Women:
If you want to make a hit with this lady, get her something you wouldn't buy for anyone else. Different is the word of the day when it comes to surprising the Sagittarius woman. She can be superficial, in a good way, so go with jewelry as long as you think ‘unique’.
Sagittarius includes five stones (topaz, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise), so there’s no restriction when it comes to adorning this girl with rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Unconventional attire should not be overlooked. Trendy fashions and purple hues can be quite striking on this lady, so don’t rule the color out.

Scorpio Women:
Mark the Scorpio woman passionate, so shades of red suit her very well. This is one sexy lady and it’s wise to keep that in mind when shopping. Drab just isn't her. Anything personal works well and seductive lingerie should not be left off your shopping list. Exotic looking jewelry containing topaz, coral or aquamarine look good around her neck, or hanging from her wrist. Rings with beryl, or Apache tear can be distinctively different. The Scorpio lady has a reputation for being intuitive and has often guessed the contents of her boxed gifts in the past, so now is the time to add some mystery to the offering.

Taurus Women:
Just because this woman has a reputation for being practical doesn't mean that your gift has to be. In fact, since this lady enjoys gifts that are only for her, items totally impractical should be included on your shopping list. And this does mean jewelry! Sapphire, amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, and turquoise – it’s a jewelry store smorgasbord and she’ll gladly accept as many servings as you can dish out. Clothes - you bet! Pinks, mauve and pale blues all look good on her. When you’re shopping for the Taurus woman remember to make it personal. If you’re thinking kitchen utensils and appliances, think again … unless you attach an emerald necklace to the box.

Virgo Women:
Being relatively conservative, this Virgo woman enjoys being dressed in the latest styles, but not clothed to the extent that she’ll draw undue attention. Gray and navy blue will probably be her choice of colors if asked, but that doesn't mean you can’t add a splash of color to complement this lovely woman’s look. As modest as she may be, she is a woman and what woman doesn't enjoy sporting some nice looking bling around her neck, or on her fingers? Go with blue sapphire, moss agate, or jade. Something a bit more exotic could include carnelian or jasper. Keep it personal and refined for a happy Virgo lady.

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