Taurus needs stability within a relationship, and this does not gel with the more erratic amongst the zodiac signs. Taurus can enjoy successful relationships with Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo.

Taurus and Cancer

This zodiac combination can be hugely successful if certain compromises are reached. Both Taurus and Cancer crave security and stability, and a relationship involving these zodiac signs is likely to be tender and caring. Cancer will try to introduce some creativity and sensuality into the partnership as a means of creating some added excitement. Although there are some definite similarities between Taurus and Cancer in terms of their personalities, there are also some notable differences. These differences tend to compliment each other. For example, Taurus will pay close attention to Cancer, which enables him or her to counteract Cancer's mood swings. This type of understanding enables the relationship to flourish. This partnership will often become more successful as it progresses, especially as both partners mature and become more willing to put in the necessary effort.

Taurus and Capricorn

This is another zodiac combination in which both partners have a good understanding of their other half. Capricorn tends to be distant, but Taurus is able to gently coerce Capricorn into making decisions that he or she would probably not otherwise commit to either way. Although Capricorn tends to be one of the more practical amongst the zodiac signs, he or she can still be romantic. This can be encouraged by the sensuality of Taurus, who will persist until Capricorn's romantic nature has been fully unearthed. As far as their sex life goes, it can be affected by Capricorn's current mood. For example, stress will often decrease his or her sex drive. On the other hand, it may actually increase it. While this may cause issues and tensions within many relationships, Taurus has enough patience to cope with the situation and will often be keen to discuss matters to smooth things over.

Taurus and Virgo

This zodiac combination can be a good match, as long as both Taurus and Virgo are willing to display patience. This is likely to involve an instant connection, but it is not purely a physical connection. There is a strong intellectual connection but this will not always ensure that the partnership runs smoothly. For example, there may be issues in the bedroom. Virgo prefers his or her sex life to be as simple as possible, while the sensuality of Taurus means that this is often not enough. Outside of the bedroom, this is a successful match. Taurus is persistent, which is complimented by the sharp mind of Virgo. Both Taurus and Virgo are careful with money, which means that any disagreements are unlikely to be focused on this area.

Taurus and Pisces

This zodiac combination is usually successful. Pisces needs security, which he or she will find in Taurus. The fact that Taurus will dominate the partnership is not a problem for Pisces, who frequently needs direction and authority. Pisces will also receive encouragement and support regarding their goals from Taurus. Pisces can be emotional and sensitive, but this is counteracted by Taurus' level-headed personality. Taurus will encourage Pisces to rise above situations that would otherwise have caused considerable hurt and distress. Their sexual compatibility is heavily reliant on Taurus, who will often be reluctant to have sex after any form of disagreement. This can cause tension within the relationship. Generally, Taurus and Pisces are a good match despite their differing personalities.

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