Why Astrology Is there actually a relationship between events in the natural world and visible astronomical phenomena?  Skeptics of astrology have often posed this question.  After all, how can aspects of an individual’s life history, personality or future events be based on where the sun, moon and planets at a given time?  Isn’t astrology considered a pseudoscience?  It is time the general public understands exactly what astrology is, and how it works.

The term astrology is derived from the Greek word astro, which referred to celestial bodies.   At one time, stars referred not only to the bodies of light that one can observe in the sky at night, but also to any celestial object, such as planets, meteors, moons and other illuminated objects that could be observed in the sky.  

Legend has it that long ago, when someone would look up into the sky, most of the celestial bodies would remain static.  However, 7 of them would move in and about the others. These were known as wandering stars. These heavenly bodies were actually planets, and astrology evolved as a way in which to make predictions based on the construction of what is commonly known as a horoscope for a moment in time, such as someone’s birth, in which these cosmic bodies are claimed to have an influence.   

In the Western world, the practice is usually based on sun sign astrology.  This type of astrology is based on the positions of the planets in relationship to the sun at the time of an individual’s birth.  There are other types of astrology, including Chinese astrology and Hindu astrology.  All of these beliefs have one thing in common.  They all base their principles on integration between people and the cosmos to help predict things about individual’s lives.

Astrologists can be found in virtually every city in the world.  As many as 35% of all Americans believe in astrology, and 39% of this number consider it to be a true science.  
Astrology has been used in great literature throughout history by such notable writers as Chaucer and Shakespeare.  United States former First Lady consulted with an astrologer while her husband, Ronald Reagan was President.  She, in fact, designated the same astrologist as the official White House astrologer.

 While some consider astrology as a spiritual path, a moral code or a religion, it is more accurately described as a tool that can enable an astrologist to understand people’s personalities or their compatibility with others.  It has also been used to forecast the meteorology of human evolution and climate changes.  Since this planet is affected by the gravitational influence of the cosmic bodies, it stands to reason that humans should be affected as well.  Everything in the universe is, in some way, connected.

Astrology can be compared to modern fractal mathematics, because they both use the same basic principles.  All small patterns that comprise a larger whole, are repeated endlessly and are connected together to make up that whole.  Of course, math is limited to numbers.  Astrology goes beyond numbers to link both the metaphysical and physical planes together.  In other words, astrology contends that the relationships between the universe, the planets and the stars and individual people can be known and worked with to help the individual on many levels.  Part of this belief is that accidents do not exist.  Everything happens for a reason, and astrology helps sort out the smaller of life’s patterns to see the larger picture.  

People who study and specialize in astrology are thought to have cracked the code for the language of the stars.  They have pieced together ways in which to decode some of the patterns that are made by the planets, and apply what they have learned to human beings, who comprise the smaller patterns.  In unfolding the mysteries of universal patterns, astrologers believe that they are also unfolding the mysteries inherent in the patterns displayed by human beings.  They use this knowledge as a tool to predict and guide those who come to them for help and insight.  It is their belief that the soul and all human activity is mirrored through astrology.

Just as astrology will probably always have its skeptics, it will also have the increasingly strong following that it has today.   Some people use it for fun.  Others truly believe in it and are determined that it can work for them in guiding them to make important decisions.  Either way, it is an amazing phenomenon.

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