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Posted by on in Famous Psychics

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, also renowned as Edward Alexander Crowley (1875- 1947) was a yogi, spy, poet, mountaineer, writer and English occultist. He was also a prominent member of various occult associations including Ordo Templi Orientis and Golden Dawn and is world renowned for his excellent writings of occult , in particular “The book of the Law” retaining the central idea of Thelema. In his lifetime, he accomplished much unsavory reputation and was named as “The Wickedest man in World’. He was also an astrologer, chess player, social critic, drug experimenter, hedonist and painter.

Aleister Crowley and Golden Dawn

He involved as a young grown-up in Hermetic order of “Golden Dawn” and studied firstly theology and prepared the enemies of Arthur Edward Waite and William Butler Yeats. Crowley came up with the view that Arthur Waite butler was an ostentatious bore through roasting evaluations of his editorials and writings of other writer’s editorials. Through his journal, The Equinox, Crowley gave the title “Wisdom While your Waite” to one tirade and his special note on “Dead Waite”.

The previous associate of Golden Dawn and his friend namely Allan Bennett made him known to the ideas of Buddhism and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers (a renowned leader of Golden Brawn association) mentored him about western magic however would become his opponent later. In the year of 1899, Aleister Crowley got hold of Boleskine House, situated in Foyers on the coastline of Loch Ness in the nation Scotland.

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Edgar Cayce

Edger Cayce, a renowned American psychic, was born in the year of 1877 and passed away in 1945. He is remembered as a psychic who introduced trance dissertations on various subjects like lost civilizations, reincarnation, astrology and health and therapy. While in dream, Edge could act in response to nearly all of questions asked by the people. His answers given to different queries are called readings.

In between the years of 1901 and 1944, Edge Cayce gave more than 14,000 readings. These are basically dream discourses that Cayce divulged in his sleeping or hypnotic state. While conscious, he generally asserted not be memorize all what he had told in hypnotic state.

Readings of Edgar Cayce

All readings given by Edger Cayce have been customarily classified into following categories; -

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Nostradamus is possibly the most renowned psychic of all times and was born on 14th December, 1503 at St. Remy de Provence. He put into use some scientific strategies to develop and implement his visions. He is also recalled as forecaster of fate among most of individuals because of the fact that many things that he saw were dealt with war and death. His patrons also assert that he also forecasted a sudden rise in the power of Adolph Hitler. According to them, Nostradamus also predicted Great Fire of London, French Revolution and the disastrous devastation of space shuttle discovery.

In the year of 1554, Nostradamus started the overwhelming job of writing a manuscript about all his tendencies. The major source of all his writings was a book namely “De Mysteries Egypt rum”, the first part of book “Les Prophesies” was finished in the year of 1555. This book gained enough popularity in entire France and some regions of Europe; however he passed away in the year of 1556, just at the point of completion of the book.

Those who are the followers of Nostradamus claim that about 50 % of the predications made by him have turned into reality. Some of his predictions also include the coming of antichrist. The followers of Nostradamus asserted that two of them namely Napoleon and Adolph Hitler have took birth on earth. A third prediction made by Nostradamus is yet to be happened. Many of his patrons believe that this 3rd antichrist is Mabus, referring “Osama Bin Laden”. It is actually based on the stanza that reads “horror from the sky in the year 1999 and seven months”, that was closer to the time when the building of World Trade Center was being invaded.

Nostradamus was a great psychic and foreteller, therefore the number of his followers across the world is increasing day by day.

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Lucy Hale was born on May 2, 1913 at Walthamstow in east of London, fourth in a family of seven children. She served in the Spiritual Churches of the surrounding area while living in Abingdon area of Oxfordshire, England. She worked as a psychic medium for 40 years. She recalls that she was not aware of any psychic abilities as a child, and had no interest in spiritualism, and would have dismissed it if spoken to about it.

Lucy Hale was 25 when she came in contact with a woman, Win, who was a Spiritualist. According to her, this woman was ‘highly talented, very attractive in appearance and manners’ and totally opposite of what she was. When Win started to talk about spiritualism, Hale was very skeptical about the whole issue, and gradually, she became intrigued about the fact that spirits could be contacted.

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Char Margolis is a spiritualist and a channel who can contact the souls of the deceased. Born in 1951, she says that she became aware of her psychic abilities when at the age of 8, a figure appeared in her room at night and sprinkled her with lights.  Today, she is a psychic known internationally, and possesses the ability to convert skeptics into believers. She calls herself a Spiritual Intuitive and, through numerous media appearances in the United States, Canada , and Europe, has a huge fan following.