Allison DuBoisAllison DuBois was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix Arizona. In 1990, she graduated from Corona Del Sol High School in Tempe. She did her BA in Political Science, with a minor in history from Arizona State University. While going for her degree, she interned at the District Attorney’s office in Phoenix. She is a research medium and possesses psychic abilities, through which she can communicate with the dead.  She became aware of her psychic abilities when she was 6 years old, and prefers to call herself a medium and a profiler, and not a psychic.

According to her, an event that occurred when she was 11 years old shaped the course of her future, and led her to solving crimes. Once, when riding a bike in her neighborhood, she was enticed by two young men to enter their car. A voice, she says, suddenly told her to ride away as fast as possible. This was the voice of one of her guides.

Allison DuBois is married to an aerospace engineer, and they have three daughters. The family lives in North Phoenix.

The Future Course

While working as a homicide intern at the District Attorney’s office, she found out that she could visualize the crime happening as she handled the evidence. These visions helped solve crimes, as well as helped locate missing people. Today, in addition to helping law enforcement agencies, she uses her extraordinary supernatural psychical abilities to create a bridge between the people on this side and the loved ones they have lost.

In 2001, after seeing Dr. Gary Schwartz, the ‘afterlife’ researcher on the NBC program Dateline with John Edward, she wanted to find out how good her psychic abilities were. She spent the next four years at the University of Arizona with Schwartz – who was the Director of the VERITAS Research Project at the University’s Human Energy System’s Lab – participating in various tests. At the end of the tests, Schwartz concluded that DuBois truly had psychic abilities, and that ‘there is something very real going on here.’

In 2005, when a television series – Medium – based on her life was aired on NBC, it became a hit, and DuBois became popular overnight. It all started when Paramount Television wanted Kelsey Grammer to continue his relationship with them after the end of his show Frasier. Grammer wanted a reality show – Oracles – where five psychics gave readings to members of the audience. DuBois was one of the seers who came in for audition. Gary Hart, the President of Paramount, was so impressed by DuBois that she became a basis for the drama series. 

Allison DuBois had certain strong viewpoints on topics that are controversial. She once said: ‘I know that people that commit suicide don’t go to hell. I have talked to people who have committed suicide and are on the other side with their family and friends, and they’re fine . . .’

She states that animals too pass over to the other side and enjoy an afterlife, just as people do.

Allison DuBois is the author of two books dealing with mediumship:

• Don't Kiss Them Goodbye 
• We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us

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