Arthur FordArthur Augustus Ford, born on January 8, 1896 in Titusville, Florida, was a psychic, spiritual medium, and a clairvoyant. His unrivaled talent as a medium catapulted him into fame, and he spent his life trying to understand this gift. The information he had imparted during his trance has been verified over and over again, and still, as is the case with most psychics, there are always skeptics around the corner spouting doubts.

This grerat American spiritualist and psychic medium founded the International General Assembly of Spiritualists. As a youth he attended the Transylvania College, which was a Disciples in Christ school in Lexington, Kentucky. He was ordained as a Disciples in Christ minister, and served in a Barbourbville, Kentucky church.

It was during the World War I, while serving in the army, that he realized he had psychic abilities. He would ‘hear’ the names of the people who served with him in the war, and they would appear on the casualty list a few days later. After his return from the war, he investigated this phenomena and joined the Spiritualists, eventually. In 1921, he emerged on the scene as a trance medium.

The Psychic Journey

One day in 1924, while in a trance, an invisible entity, which called itself Fletcher, made an appearance and from that day permanently assisted him from the other side. This entity, which in psychic parlance is known as a control, spoke through Ford. His way of speaking was slow and delibrate, as opposed to Ford’s way of talking, which was fast and slurred. 

By 1927, Ford had a great following, and that year he traveled to Great Britain. The veteran spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle –popular for his detective character Sherlock Holmes – attended one of his lectures and enthusiastically admired him. According to Doyle, as informed to his friends the next day, it was the most amazing experience in his 41 years of psychic experience.      

Ford believed in reincarnation, which was totally against the beliefs of the main Spiritualist organisation - the National Spiritualist Association – of which he was a member. After years of tension, Arthur Ford helped found the General Assembly in 1936. It had more open outlook on reincarnation.

By 1929, Ford had become popular as ‘Houdini’s Medium.’ It had so transpired that Houdini had arranged with his wife that if he died before she did, he would try to communicate with her through a secret code known only to the two of them. Arthur Ford, through the help of his control – Fletcher – revealed the code. Mrs. Houdini is supposed to have authenticated the code revealed by Ford.

Ford has impressed a number of people with his psychic abilities including well known researchers of the Psychical Research Foundation - William McDougall and William G. Roll, Jr. In 1955, he helped form the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in the United States, an organization similar to the Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies in Great Britain.

He came into renown again in 1967 when, during a discussion on life after death on television, he went into a trance and delivered messages to the Episcopal bishop James Pike from his son and from Paul Tillich – a prominent theologian.

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