Char MargolisChar Margolis is a spiritualist and a channel who can contact the souls of the deceased. Born in 1951, she says that she became aware of her psychic abilities when at the age of 8, a figure appeared in her room at night and sprinkled her with lights.  Today, she is a psychic known internationally, and possesses the ability to convert skeptics into believers. She calls herself a Spiritual Intuitive and, through numerous media appearances in the United States, Canada , and Europe, has a huge fan following.

She has appeared as a featured guest on a number of  programs quite a number of times. These are:

• Larry King Live
• Entertainment Tonight
• Live with Regis & Kelly
• The View
• Good Day L.A.
• Good Day N.Y.
• The Wayne Brady Show
• The Ricki Lake Show
• Sally Jesse Raphael
• The Ron Seggi Show

Char Margolis has also been featured on a number of shows, such as:

• The Dr. Phil Show
• The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch
• The Insider
• CBS This Morning
• The Larry Sanders Show (played herself on “I Buried Sid”)
• The Other Half with Dick Clark

She has appeared frequently on Larry King Live, and her impressive list of fans includes Larry King and Regis Philbin of the popular Live with Regis and Kelly. In the Netherlands, she has her own TV show – Char Het Medium - on the commercial TV station, RTL 4. She does readings in the studio, as well as on locations, in this show hosted by Chazia Mourali

Char Margolis has authored two books:

• LifE: A Spiritual Intuitive’s Collection of Inspirational Thoughts – This book presents an abundance of inspirational thoughts along with spectacular images. The book helps the readers live in peace and happiness.
• Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven – This soft cover book discusses Life, Death, and What Awaits Us Beyond.


According to Char Margolis, no special talent is required to be psychic. She has learned how to develop intuition and she shares her secrets for developing your own intuitive abilities. This internationally renowned Spiritual Intuitive holds regular workshops where you learn how top develop your psychic senses. Her workshops teach you how to:

• Elevate yourself intuitively, emotionally, and spiritually
• Understand and expand your natural intuitive psychic powers
• Develop the courage to accept and nurture your abilities
• Increase your confidence to accomplish most anything you desire

In addition, Char Margolis does personal readings, where you can see for yourself how she taps into her own psychic and intuitive abilities.

Her Personal Mission

Char Margolis feels that it is important that we listen to our intuition to attain our goals.

She says that her purpose is to teach people ‘recognize, develop, and use their God-given intuitive abilities’ and grow in compassion and wisdom.

Her mission is to take away the:

• Fear of death - by proving that we do not die and will see our loved ones again.
• Fear of living - by showing how to tap into our wisest selves and make our lives much happier and easier.

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