Jean DixonBorn on January 5, 1904 in Medford, Wisconsin to German immigrant parents, Jeane Dixon was one of the best-known psychics of the 20th century. She was raised in Missouri and California, and not much is known about her personal life as she was very reluctant to release such details. She married James Dixon in 1939, and it seems they had no children.

Her psychic abilities were recognized very early, when a gypsy cheiromancer saw the lines on her palm. The Gypsy was overawed by what he saw in Dixon’s palm, who was only 8 years old, and said that she had the gift of prophesy and would become famous all over the world.

The Gypsy’s prediction proved true. Jeane Dixon received most of her predictions in her dreams and visions, and she used a crystal ball only to focus her thoughts. To some extent, she also used astrology, but most of the times her revelations came on suddenly, unexpectedly, and out of the blue. Many a times she would startle her friends by just blurting out.

She is one of the most famous psychics of the modern era. She predicted – in 1956 - that a Democrat would win the 1960 presidential election, and that he would be assassinated in office. President John F. Kennedy was the person about whom she had predicted.

Jeane Dixon had also predicted the death of Robert Kennedy, and pointed to the exact spot where he would be shot, when once she was passing through the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Her famous psychic predictions were:

• Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy
• Death in six months of President Franklin Roosevelt
• Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
• Death of Secretary General of the U.N. Dag Hammarskjold in a plane crash
• The launching of Sputnik
• The fire that destroyed an Apollo rocket and killed three astronauts
• Death of Martin Luther King
• Suicide of Marilyn Monroe

She rose to prominence after her predictions of Kennedy’s assassination, the Communist take over of China, and India’s partition, among other predictions.

She has written a number of books, which include:

• Jeane Dixon, My Life and Prophecies: Her Own Story as Told to Rene Noorbergen (1969)
• Reincarnation and Prayers to Live By (1970)
• Jeane Dixon’s Astrological Cookbook (1976)
• Horoscopes for Dogs(1979)
• The Riddle of Powderworks Road (1980)

The Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate, Inc syndicated her astrological forecasts. Her biography - A Gift of Prophecy: the Phenomenal Jeane Dixon – written by Ruth Montgomery was published in 1965, became the number one paperback best seller, and sold about three million copies in hardback.

Based on her prediction, President Nixon ordered preparations for a terrorist attack. He referred to her as a soothsayer. She was also one of the advisors to Nancy Reagan during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Jeane Dixon did try to warn the people involved, but most times the messages failed to arrive in time, or went unanswered.

Jeane Dixon was a devout Roman Catholic and attributed her psychic and prophetic abilities to God. She believed that she must use her God given gift for the good of mankind.


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