Lucy HaleLucy Hale was born on May 2, 1913 at Walthamstow in east of London, fourth in a family of seven children. She served in the Spiritual Churches of the surrounding area while living in Abingdon area of Oxfordshire, England. She worked as a psychic medium for 40 years. She recalls that she was not aware of any psychic abilities as a child, and had no interest in spiritualism, and would have dismissed it if spoken to about it.

Lucy Hale was 25 when she came in contact with a woman, Win, who was a Spiritualist. According to her, this woman was ‘highly talented, very attractive in appearance and manners’ and totally opposite of what she was. When Win started to talk about spiritualism, Hale was very skeptical about the whole issue, and gradually, she became intrigued about the fact that spirits could be contacted.

It was in 1939, when she showed interest in the Spirit World, and suggested that they try to contact spirits. Along with Win she tried the inverted glass and letters method. On placing a finger each on the glass, it started vibrating and moving in circles, before moving towards the letters. Both of them tried this for a few weeks, and after these experiments, Lucy Hale was ready to further investigate Spiritualism. 

The Initial Experience

With Win, Lucy Hale went to the National Spiritualist Church at Romford. All she could remember of this first visit was the demonstration of clairvoyance by the medium present, though she carried the impression that the content was ‘general and rather vague.’ However, she was impressed enough to want to visit again, and she did the following Sunday, but Win could not make it.

It was the day of the Open Circle at the church where around 50 people, along with three mediums, sat in a circle. According to her, the people commented seeing spirit lights, though she could not see them. Then she had her first strange sensations. As she tried to relax with her eyes closed, her arms began to rise in front of her. She pulled them down, only to see them rise up again. This happened for the third time, when one of the mediums approached her and asked her to relax and let it happen. Her arms arose again and brought her to her feet. She was quite puzzled by this experience.

As time went by, she resolved to develop whatever psychic powers she had. She met people in informal circles and found out that she could pick up information through psychometry or through clairvoyance, and occasionally, she could contact friends or relatives who had died. She could also give information about live people just by placing her hands on the letters they had written, and at times the details were quite elaborate.

Her Spiritual work was reserved for the Church and the Circle, and it was a very straightforward work. She never accepted any money for her mediumship work. At the Church service, an opening prayer was given by Lucy, a Reading by a church member, an address by someone followed by a demonstration of clairvoyance – which Lucy gave frequently, followed by a closing prayer.

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