Some Famous PsychicsHuman history has been replete with people who had unbelievable psychic abilities. Many have confounded the people, as well as the skeptics, with their abilities, which carry an air of mystery up till now, though some so called psychics turned out to be out and out frauds.

A look at some of the famous psychics through history:

Uri Geller – This famous Israeli psychic was well known for his psychokinetic feats. His feats of psychokinesis are known as the Uri Geller effect, and he is considered as one of the greatest psychics of all time. Uri Geller became famous for bending and twisting spoons, restarting clocks that had stopped years ago, restarting watches, making the hands of watches and clocks run faster, and drawing pictures copied from the minds of others.

According to him, his psychic abilities came to him suddenly at the age of five, when he accidentally touched a live wire in his mother’s sewing machine. In 1969, he started his career as a stage performer, where he showed his special psychic abilities, and in the 1970s, he became famous all over the world. He made many television and radio appearances with his ability of reading minds, and seeing into the future.

Following these broadcasts, many people reported that their silverware at home were twisted out of shape, and that their clocks and watches started malfunctioning. He became famous for these inexplicable psychic phenomena:

• Telepathy – his ability to read people’s mind.
• Bending, breaking and softening metal and other solids such as spoons and keys, and more rarely plastic and glass.
• Fixing watches and clocks that had not been working for years.
• Moving compasses with his psychic powers – the power of thought.
• Erasing tapes from the computers.
• Dowsing – locating precious metals by the power of the mind.

Edgar Cayce – He was not a highly literate man, never having gone beyond grammar school. With no background in medicine, he could diagnose illnesses, and prescribe remedies for them – while in the state of trance. He became a psychic at the age of 21 and used his abilities for healing, all over the world, for the next 43 years.

His psychic powers were so enhanced that he did not require to see the patients physically. He used to go into trance, diagnose their medical condition, and prescribed a cure.

Sylvia Browne – This internationally famous psychic developed her psychic powers at an early age, in 1973. She is famous for her predictions, and as a psychic medium has the ability to talk with the spirits of the dead people. Through psychic healing, she alleviates the suffering of people with incurable medical problems. She has also helps the police departments track down people on their wanted lists!

Jeanne Dixon – She is one of the most famous psychics of the modern era. She predicted – in 1956 - that the 1960 presidential election would be won by a Democrat, and that he would be assassinated in office. President John F. Kennedy was the person about whom she had predicted. Her prophesies came to her in her dreams and visions, and at times she used a crystal ball.

Jeanne Dixon had also predicted the death of Robert Kennedy, and pointed to the exact spot where he would be shot, when once she was passing through the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Her famous psychic predictions were:

• Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy
• Death in six months of President Franklin Roosevelt
• Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
• The fire that destroyed an Apollo rocket and killed three astronauts
• Death of Martin Luther King
• Suicide of Marilyn Monroe

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