uri gellerUri Geller, born in Israel in 1946, is of Hungarian and Austrian descent. His first claim to fame was his ability to bend spoons paranormally. He is said to have discovered his psychic abilities at the age of four. According to him, a spoon in his hand, without applying any pressure, bent and broke one day when he was having his meals. When he was young, spoons and forks used to bend in his hands. By the time Uri Geller was 22, he started stage demonstrations of his powers of psychokinesis and telepathy. By the time he was 25, he became well known throughout Israel, as well as news about him started to spread around the world.

It is said that he can perform certain psychic acts, which cannot be explained scientifically. These phenomena are:

• Using mind power to bend and break metallic objects, such as spoons, forks, and keys, among other, including plastic and glass.
• Telepathy.
• Deleting data from computer tapes and discs.
• Dowsing – the ability to locate metals and gems through mind power.
• Fixing broken appliances and watches, and moving compasses through the power of mind.
• Using the powers of the mind to grow the red radish seedlings a few centimeters in seconds.

The Skeptics

Many people, including scientists and stage magicians, are skeptical about his claims. Even Uri Geller, himself, admits that the feats of paranormal performed by him can be duplicated by magicians through trickery, but insists that his results have been achieved through psychic means. According to stage magicians, there are many ways by which spontaneous bending of spoons, etc can be stage-managed.

The skeptics feel that some form of skullduggery is involved, as there have been times when Geller has refused to perform certain acts, such as bending of spoons, as he had not been given prior access to them. They feel that his associates ‘prepare’ the spoons before the television performances. His critics have claimed that Uri Geller is not always successful. As proof of their claim, they mention instances, such as his inability to bend a spoon for Richard Feynman – a physicist; and his inability to bend cutlery in Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show, in 1973. This probably happened because, as the skeptics mentioned, Geller and his people were not allowed near the cutlery, etc.

The Believers

Where there are people who feel that Uri Geller is a clever performer with tricks up his sleeve, there are others who feel that he is a genuine psychic. According to them, he has moved compass needles while in his bathing suit, and after he had been checked by ‘ultra sensitive equipment’ for metal and magnetic radiation. Certain magicians have conformed that Uri Geller had not only bent the spoons, but are witness to the fact that the spoons had continued to bend, long after Geller had left.

Fraud, or a true psychic - Uri Geller has entertained people all across the world. His performances on the television has enthralled people, who have claimed that during his performances on the television, spoons, forks and keys have bent in their homes, and that clocks which had not been working for years started working!

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