Feng Shui is actually ancient science of Chinese based on the idea that all things in the world preserve both negative as well as positive energy, often known with the name “Chi”. The Feng Shui art basically involves the practice of placing some positively keyed up vibrations or objects in the home and office to counter the pessimistically energized things.

Implementing Feng Shui into life

Implementing this art into life can be a challenge at first; one needs to teach himself on which objects retain negative and positive energies and where to position different objects in the surrounding, these two factors are of utmost importance and require the consideration of individuals. Another significant criterion is to select the appropriate artwork; some tips and guidelines have been explained below to help the individuals with the selection of artwork along with its proper arrangement.

Artwork- For career

If one is thinking of bringing a positive change in career, then the art of Feng Shui suggests hanging photographs of water or metal in the north direction of workroom. One can also opt for Koi Fish for having a tremendous improvement in career; Koi fishes fill positive energy to the outlooks of relationship with employers and coworkers, luck and professional advancements. Photographs of all waters framed in dark blue or black, lake, ocean and waterfalls improves the flow of energy in one’s life.

Artwork- For Prosperity

In southwest direction of workroom, hang the photographs of golden frog for booming prosperity and wealth in life. Other images include golden frogs among green trees or bamboos and golden or wooden pots, all overflowing with coins.

Artwork- For Reputation

The individuals who are looking for heighten up their reputation or fame should place the photographs of fire symbols or fire at the office place. Phoenix, which is actually a powerful denotation of fire and horse, derives self confidence bringing luck and fame. Other images are hot deserts, sand and red rocks.

Artwork- For Children

In the west direction of bedroom, hang the photographs of elephants to bring a good luck in fertility; one can also opt for prints or posters of Buddha to bring luck in children’s future. The photographs of unicorns will definitely aid the individuals to protect their children.

Artwork – For Love

The southwest section of living or bedroom is supposed to uphold the strong energy for passion and love; rose quartz is deemed as the sign of healing and love, therefore displaying it would aid greatly to improve personal relationship and possibly tempting a new love in life. The image of a fox between foliage and bright flowers can also prove effective.

It is supposed that such methodical arrangement lead to the atmosphere of prosperity, clarity and harmony that will not only have influence on the homeowner or his/her family members, but also the guests who visit the home. This art has been used by million of individuals across the world for year and fascinatingly, it is still popular among the today’s generation

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