Attracting Fame with Feng Shui

While there is nothing wrong with living a quiet, anonymous life, some people want to people to notice their talents and gifts. By decorating the fame and reputation area of their home or office, people who were once passed up for promotions or blended into the woodwork may pop on the canvas of life like a sunburst on a cloudy day. To enhance how they are perceived in the world by others, people may practice the Chinese art of placement called feng shui.

Locating the south corner

In feng shui, the south corner of a home or office is the section of the Bagua that represents fame, reputation and social life. To enhance the good energy or Chi in the fame and reputation segment, gather together things that represent being a rising star. Use the app on the phone that will overlay the Chinese bagua map onto the floor plan or get out a compass to pinpoint the south area.

Keeping the area light and bright

Whether it’s a bedroom, dining room or kitchen, it’s extremely important to allow for natural light to beam into the fame and reputation area of the home. Place a bright crystal chandelier in the room. Since the element for the fame area is fire, it’s ideal to use candles or have a fireplace as the central focal point in the fame room.

Writing down secret ambitions

To make secret desires or ambitions become a reality, try writing down the wish on a piece of paper and placing it in a red envelope. The red envelop is an ancient Chinese tradition. Place the envelop that contains a statement about being famous, respected and admired by others in the fame and reputation area.

Using shapes, colors to draw good energy

To shine out into the world, use different shapes and colors that represents the fire energy. A reputation, whether good or bad, can spread like wildfire. Some of the shapes that work best in this section of the home include diamonds, sunbursts, triangles and pyramids. Use colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, but avoid black.

Keeping the reputation positive

Some people become famous for the bad things they have done in life. To avoid a bad reputation, display photos of famous public figures that have inspired and helped others. Also, display awards, diplomas and prizes while removing all clutter from the home. Inspirational sayings can also keep the mood positive. Other auspicious symbols in feng shui for the fame and reputation area include animals. Some of the most pleasing essential oils for this corner of the house include frankincense, sage and jasmine.

People who feel as thought they have few friends and don’t receive appreciation from family members or their boss at work should avoid using water and mirrors in the fame and reputation area. Find positive symbols that represent future goals. For examples, an aspiring musician could display a gold guitar or an athlete may showcase an autographed baseball used in a winning game. Create a vision board that illustrates aspirations and goals that will soon be achieved.

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