A serene, harmonious home is a very attractive home. If you can create that serenity and harmony so that it envelopes potential buyers the moment they step in the door, you have a greater than average chance of selling your home quickly.

The first step Feng Shui is to remove the clutter. This means both inside and outside. A cluttered, untidy home and yard gives the impression that you are not really serious about selling, or that your removal from the home may take too long and mayber leave mess that has to be cleaned up.

Before you put your home on the market, go through your house and yard and dispose of everything you do not intend to take with you to your new home. Old books, magazines, clothes, utensils, tools and other clutter only detract from the decorating possibilities of your home and reduce your chances of attracting a buyer. Take the clutter to the dump or the charity shops and give yourself a clear field to improve the harmony of your home.

The second step of Feng Shui is to let in light and air. Good chi cannot flow and bring in balance and harmony if the path is blocked. Open windows and doors, take down heavy curtains and replace them, with light blinds or sheer curtains. You will notice that you and your house feel better already.

Outside, trim overgrown trees and shrubs, weed the garden beds and remove fallen branches and leaves. Let the good chi flow through your garden and outdoor areas by removing any obstacles to its path. If you have an outdoor entertaining area or veranda, trims vines or any blockage to light and air without exposing the area to harsh sunlight. Your aim here is make the potential buyer feel that this area offers cool refuge on hot days, but isn't dark and stuffy.

The third step in Feng Shui is to locate the wealth areas in your home and use them to attract affluent buyers. The simplest way to do this is to stand at the front door of your house and locate the top left hand corner of your house. This may be a bedroom, a storeroom, the bathroom or a patio. This area must be cleared of clutter and wealth attracting objects placed there.

Place a small golden box here filled with gold coins or notes, to symbolise money and wealth coming into your home. You can also place a gold Buddha, a dragon holding a pearl (his head must be facing into the room), golden crystal or a small fountain in this area. If your home is very difficult to sell, try all of them!

The wealth area of each room can be located in the same way, by standing at its entrance and locating the top left hand corner. Place wealth attracting objects in these corners.

The two most important rooms in the house, from the point of view of selling your home for the price you want, are the kitchen and the bathroom.

One of the problems may be that the kitchen is too close to the front door. In Feng Shui this means people tend to leave rather quickly - this case taking their money with them. If the kitchen can be seen from the front door, mask it with a large potted plant or beaded curtain. In Feng Shui heat means wealth, so it will be wise to have something warming in the oven - even a few coffee beans will do as this will impart a delicious and welcoming fragrance.

It is vital to keep the kitchen clean and clutter free, and to tackle its imperfections with Feng Shui cures. Fresh herbs in pots are an excellent cure. If you cannot place them on the window sill, place a small table or shelf near the window where the herbs can get light and air. Fresh flowers, fruit and herbs impart fragrance to the kitchen. If the kitchen still feels out of harmony, hang a wind chime with nine metal pipes in the window.

The bathroom is a vital area in Feng Shui because problems here can lead to money literally draining away. If this is happening to you, it is very important to keep the plugs in your sink and bath drainholes. When somebody comes looking at your house with the money to buy it, you don't want it to simply drain away with their interest in your home. Keep the cover down on the toilet too.

Use earth energy as a cure for a badly placed bathroom (you will know it is badly placed because you just never seem to be able to hold onto money in this house) by filling bowls with pebbles or crystals, or placing stone lanterns or statues in the bathroom. They don't have to be very big.

If you have plumbing problems, get them fixed before you put your house on the market. Any leaking water, anywhere, will leech away your chances of getting a good price.

A harmonious and inviting home will attract all who enter it. But a few well placed Feng Shui cures will attract affluent buyers to enter your home and ensure you get the price you want. The only snag is that you make your home so harmonious and wealth attracting, that you don't want to sell!

Gail Kavanagh 2008

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