Feng Shui and light In its simplest form light and illumination represent energy

Feng Shui and light. In its simplest form light and illumination represent energy. The power of light. The power of energy. Overall natural lighting is the simplest Feng Shui. Natural lighting is best. Anything else is not natural. It is synthetic and not of real and substantial origins or power. Light represents good. Light represents power, strength, honor, integrity, enlightenment and education.

A room, home or person without full and natural light lives in darkness. It is as if that person or their family live in moral darkness without the benefits of the power of qi and Feng Shui.

Thus in terms of Feng Shui and the power and benefits of Feng Shui natural lighting is always best. Artificial lighting is an add on – an accessory. Artificial lighting can help to adjust the qi in dark and very difficult spots in your home, office or residence. Take great care when employing artificial light that this type of lighting, when employed, creates the same balancing as well as balanced stabilizing effect as natural light from the great sun of our heavens and universe – our “sun”, Work greatly to have the same and similar effect of natural light in your adjustments of artificial, man made light, with the basic natural light of your environments and environs.

How can this are accomplished. First things first. Walls should be brightly colored – paint should be light and neutral colors. The same with wallpaper coloration choices. You would be amazed at how much light a dark color wall can absorb compared to lighter and whiter colors. Even the color of growth and renewal, green, was made by the creator to absorb as much of the growth enhancing light as possible. Use lighter coloration choices. Next I f possible, then the surface of the painted or wallpaper should be flat, to best reflect the light energy – not of mottled or dimpled textures.

The walls themselves should be clean – free of dirt, grease and grime. A simple washing of walls can do great wonders in increasing and improving the natural lighting levels and energies to specific areas.

It can be said that “harsh” overhead lighting can be more than oppressive. Think of the lamps and lighting in prison movies and even big box stores or even abusive employment agencies. What do they all have in common - harsh overhead single focused light and lamp fixtures. On the other hand table mounted can and do work to create soft pools of light. Rooms lit by table mounted lights, carefully placed, seem to have soft pools of light. These rooms jump of qi. A feeling and balance and overall comfort and relaxation results. On the other extreme if you are saddled with a dark corner or sunken living room or a room planned to be sunken and solitary in nature then a carefully as well as strategically placed upward facing floor lamp or lamps can more than help stimulate qi or those dark and distant areas. In dealing with a “yan” area then candles can be added to add and enhance the flows and retention of vital yang energies and qualities.

Lastly in garden areas lighting can be use in these garden areas to balance shape, even out the surface and surfaces of the land and of course bring life and breadth to any and all dead spots and areas. Vital qi forces will just rush in.

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