How to Create a Vision Board Using Feng Shui

Vision boards are visual representations of an individual’s aspirations and goals often attractively displayed on poster boards. People who are into graphic design may use their computers to create an electronic version of their dream board. When assigning different themes to the corners of a vision board, people may consider using principles of Feng shui, the Chinese art of placement. A vision board or creativity collage can motivate people to follow their dreams. With feng shui, the bagua serves as a map to the different areas of an individual’s life. It’s easy to apply the bagua to a vision board or treasure map since it covers all aspects of a person’s life including career, love and health.

Center of the vision board

According to the baqua, the center of a person’s home represents earth and physical health. Paste collage images to the center of the vision board that relate to being fit and healthy. Some people like to cut out a picture of a model, replacing the model’s head with their own.

South corner

For the south corner of the vision board, display bold pictures and headlines that relate to fame, a good reputation and a vibrant social life. People may pin up photos of famous people they admire.

Southwest corner

The southwest corner of the vision board can be devoted to relationships, love and marriage. Decorate with rose quartz crystal hearts. Use the dominant colors of red and pink in this section of the dream board. Displaying a picture of two mandarin ducks is a common feng shui love cure that can work for single people hoping to find marriage in their futures.

West corner

Fill the west corner of the board with images and goals related to creativity, children and the future. People who are hoping to become pregnant should display fertility symbols such as rabbits.

Northwest corner

In feng shui, the northwest corner is the helpful people, travel and religious area. This is the perfect place for a person to display an image of a passport that has been stamped with places he or she aspires to visit. Also, display plane and train tickets, religious symbols that represent peace and blessings.

North corner

Any career aspirations or goals should be displayed on the north corner of the dream board. Take an old paycheck and white out the salary, replacing it with a much higher salary and better position.

Northeast corner

In the northeast corner, use symbols that represent knowledge, skills and wisdom. A person could display a diploma he or she hopes to obtain or certificate program. Write down inspirational quotes from a favorite book or pin up a positive poem.

East corner

The east corner in feng shui stands for foundation, family, wood and the past. Celebrate the future as well as the past by posting up family photographs that show everyone smiling and getting along.

Southeast corner

The southeast corner is the abundance, wealth and prosperity corner in feng shui. This is the ideal place to place precious gems or coins. Pin up a photograph of a boat or ship on calm waters to represent good fortune on its way. Some people like to paste a copy of a check written to themselves in the amount of $1 million or more.

When it comes to a vision board, it’s fine to dream big. Having a visual reminder of their hopes and dreams allows people to stay focused. Using feng shui principles when designing a dream board is just a simple way to make sure all areas of a person’s life is included. It’s impossible to make a bad dream board as long as all of the images reflect love, prosperity, health and abundance on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

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