The bagua is the simplest method of enhancing a room, a house, or a block of land through Feng Shui. It consists of a nine sector 3x3 grid which shows the different sectors of a space that are associated with different areas of life.

You can make your own bagua quite easily. Rule off a square of paper into nine smaller squares. Now put this information into each square:

Top left hand corner: Money.

Top centre: Fame and Reputation.

Top right hand corner: Relationships.

Center left: Family.

Center: Health.

Center right: Children.

Bottom Left hand corner: Wisdom.

Bottom center: Career.

Bottom right hand corner: Helpful people.

Now stand at the entrance of your house, room or yard and you can see at a glance which sector of the room corresponds to an area of life.

For example, if you are standing at the door of your bedroom, the far left hand corner from you is the money sector, directly ahead is the fame sector and in the far right hand corner is the relationship sector. If you are worried about these areas of your life, study those sectors. Are they cluttered, neglected, dusty? Then so will these areas of your life show similar problems.

Now stand at the front door of your house. Which room or section of the house falls in the sector that concerns you? If there is a bathroom in your money sector, you will have problems with money just draining away. Keep the drains plugged, place feng shui money cures in the bathroom and make it a pleasant and beautiful place.

Maybe you have a guest bedroom in your money sector? Move into it yourself, or use it for your home office, and enhance it with money attracting objects such as Chinese coins tied with red ribbon, golden statues and green crystals.

If your relationships are in a mess, maybe you have an untidy, neglected relationship area. Fix it by tidying up and cleaning the area thoroughly and placing love attracting objects, such as pairs of dolphins. Pink is a good color for improved relationships. If you are single, and don't want to be, you can place a golden wish box here with a description of your ideal mate placed inside.

Trouble with your children? Spruce up the corresponding area, give it a fresh coat of light colored or white paint and place a beautiful white tiger there. Decorate it with pictures of you and your children taken in happy times, and make sure there are no hidden, messy sectors where secrets can be kept.

When you start to improve your surroundings using the bagua, you will immediately feel a lightness of spirit. Living in beautiful, harmonious surroundings is a feng shui miracle in itself. Use fresh or silk flowers, and other lovely objects, and allow as much light as possible to come in. Hang wood or metal wind chimes near doorways and windows to attract good chi, which is the very breath of life.

A very tricky area is the absolute center of the bagua, which corresponds to health. A healthy home, with healthy inhabitants, has a calm, serene center. This is is not often easy to achieve, but try to keep the center of each room in your house, and the center of the house itself, a clean and airy space. A few toys in a living room will not cause great distress - but a floor that needs cleaning, or a spotted and stained carpet, will not be harmonious.

Enhance center spaces with beautiful floor rugs that can be taken up and cleaned regularly. If there is a hallway or corridor at the center of your home, put up serene posters or place beautiful statues. Place vases of flowers or potted plants, but make sure the plants stay healthy, and replace the flowers before they wilt and die.

Your garden or balcony space is just as much a part of your home as the interior. Apply the bagua to your outdoor space and fix up neglected or inharmonious areas. You can add a water feature, a flower garden, a rockery or any other feature to areas that need enhancement. Try making mobiles to hang in the trees, and add wind chimes and statues to your outdoor setting. Bamboo wind chimes are perfect to hang in trees and sound like temple flutes when the wind moves them.

Make one area of your house or garden suitable for meditation. Resting your mind and body in a beautiful, harmonious space will do so much for your health and well being that you will wonder how you ever managed with it!

Gail Kavanagh 2008

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