Effortless Weight Loss with Feng Shui

Being overweight or obese is an outward manifestation of deeper problems that can often be overcome with seemingly magical feng shui cures. Overeating is a sign that a person hasn’t achieved balance in life. By using feng shui, an ancient Chinese art of aesthetics, it’s possible to lose weight naturally as sleep improves, eating patterns become healthier, stress levels decrease and relationships improve. Feng shui isn’t as much about mystical superstition as it is a practical strategy for achieving weight-loss goals and other dreams within reach.

Falling into deep sleep

Weight loss experts around the world agree that getting adequate sleep is crucial for weight loss. Dieters who are sleep deprived experience an increase in hunger hormone called ghrelin. To sleep deeper, decorate the bedroom according to feng shui principles. Remove the television, computer or any exercise equipment which stimulate the body and mind instead of calming it. For restful sleep, paint the bedroom brown, tan or beige. Avoid vibrant, stimulating colors. Instead, pick earth colors with accents in soothing blues or and healing greens.

Taming a ravenous appetite

Different colors stimulate or depress a person’s appetite. Fast food restaurants typically use red and yellow colors to entice customers to eat a lot of food quickly and then leave for faster turnover. In order to lose weight, it’s helpful to dampen the appetite. Eat off of square plates that are blue or purple. Square shapes help a person feel satisfied or content so they eat less. Don’t paint a dining room or kitchen red since red is a stimulating color that increases hunger and passion for food. Yellow also increases appetite. Remove clutter from the kitchen, which should be painted white to signify cleanliness.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Dieters who reduce stress often have an easier time losing weight. Stress increases the hormone cortisol, which can lead to food cravings and weight gain, especially in the midsection. Eliminate stress by adding a water fountain at the entryway to the home. The trickling sound of water and the tinkling sound of a wind chime can also increase feelings of serenity. Plant a feng shui sitting garden or design a meditative room in the house.

Improving core relationships

Many emotional eaters overeat because they are upset about their relationships. Overweight people may confuse food with love. Having a cluttered house can fuel complicated and messy relationships. To strengthen a marriage or draw a love partner, place paired items around the house. Focus especially on the “love and romance” or southwest corner of the house. Consider painting the walls in the southwest area earth or fire colors.

Setting up a no-fail environment

Losing weight with feng shui is effortless because it losing weight happens naturally once a person organizes and decorates their surroundings to support the goal of balance. In fact, it can seem magical. To set up a no-fail environment that supports weight loss, donate the “fat clothes.” Leave out fresh fruit and veggies in a basket on the kitchen counter. Don’t make junk food too easily accessible. Hang art work that feels inspires and motivates rather than reflects negativity or connotes gluttony. Use aromatherapy or purchase scented soaps that are known to depress appetite such as grapefruit, peppermint and tangerine.

Arranging a home using feng shui principles can reinvigorate dieters who feel deprived and defeated. Natural light, fresh air, plants, soothing colors and a clean, organized environment can help a dieter let go of the past and any extra fat that is weighing her down or holding her back.

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