With the snake as the Chinese Zodiac sign for the year, there are some interior design improvements that can bring overall luck to a person who is born under any sign. By using the ancient art of placement called feng shui, it’s possible for people of different Chinese zodiac signs to improve their energy. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 10, 2013.

This year has been designated the year of the Water Snake, which can be beneficial to people who are born under the sign. According to Chinese beliefs, the Year of the Snake follows the Year of the Dragon. People who were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001 are considered snakes. Snake years are in the middle of the 12-month cycle. The year 2013 is considered the Water Snake year as it is ruled by the water element. In feng shui, the five Chinese elements of water, metal, earth, fire and wood are used in placement of furniture, design and in the choice of décor.

Emphasizing water element

Because 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, it’s auspicious to use the water element in design features throughout the home. Homeowners may want to add a water fountain to the entrance of a home or paint the walls blue in the West area of the home. White and blue represent the water feng shui element as do shapes that are wavy.

Improving energy in the center area

Feng shui experts say the center of home represents health and vitality. In 2013, because of challenging star energy, it’s critical to reduce noise and commotion in the center of the house. Hold off on any major renovations to the Great Room or living room in 2013.

Starting over in the New Year

Experts in the Chinese Zodiac say that the Year of the Snake is a good year to start a new project or being a fresh romance. In order to draw a new romance, decorate the bedroom with items in pairs such as two hearts, two love birds or two ducks. People who want to make a go of a new business venture in the New Year may have more success in the Year of the Snake. They should make sure their house is not cluttered, especially in the career and wealth corners of the home.

Knowing the lucky animal signs

In the Year of the Snake, the dragons and snakes have the most luck when it comes to the romance department. However, other animal signs can look forward to the Year of the Snake for other reasons. The horse may have more prosperity, which means people with the horse sign may want to paint with gold and red colors as well as decorate with pictures of ships sailing on smooth waters. The rat may experience overall success in 2013, while the boar and the dog may be uplifted by positive karma.

Finding cures for bad luck

Not everyone will have good luck during the Year of the Snake. By using various feng shui cures, it’s possible to prevent some of the bad luck for the rooster, rabbit, monkey and sheep signs. People under the rabbit and rooster signs should avoid red and colors that incite anger or passion. People born under the sheep and monkey signs can use feng shui health cures by using more house plants, crystals, fountains and essential oils.

Many experts predict that the Chinese Year of the Snake will be a positive year when people throughout the world are brought together by technology and good will. While not everyone will be benefactors of the auspicious year, feng shui can improve anyone’s life situation by creating positive energy.

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