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Interest in runes has been on the rise and much in the way of Tarot they are a tool to a better understanding of our lives. The runes are growing in popularity and use of this ancient mackical alphabet gains recognition and validation as seekers of spiritual truths look more to the runes as oracles for divining the future. Runes are ancient symbols used in Teutonic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian civilizations, and found on many ancient artifacts.

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The word rune is derived from an early Anglo-Saxon word meaning secret or mystery.This alphabet was used extensively in the ancient past and written communication was wrought with magickal intentions runes were often used in casting spells, to get someone to love you, or to make an enemy impotent, or even die. Interestingly, in the casting of spells, the writing of the runes was accompanied by a whispered or chanted prayer or curse, also called a rune. This was to make the magic effective.

Today, the revival of the rune, which had faded away, has reappeared from the past to enlighten and show the path to those who seek its wisdom . Runes have been rediscovered as a significant divinatory system and have gained a large acceptance by those who have consulted them will wide success.

Like the Tarot, they give a glimpse into the past as well as the future, as they provide an approach to understand the lives and beliefs of our ancestors. The Runes, have much to teach us about a way of life that was more intimately related to the worlds of nature world, and spirit, than our own today. However, by whatever means, the Runes had re-appeared in our cultural sphere, and with it, came its mysteries and perhaps, power. Today, the Runes are basically used as a method of Divination and amongst magickal folk for spell work.

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