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By grouping tarot cards together and focusing upon them we can change our current cosmic balance within this plane. By sending these card groupings to another person we give them the ability to change their balance. By sending them to many people we give a group of people the ability to alter the balance of many.

Step #1: What Spell Would you like to Send?

Use the radio button to select the spell you would like to send. You may only select one spell at a time. Select the image thumbnail to view a larger example of the spell image.

Love Spellcaster

The emperor and the empress bring together our hearts into a synergism of love. The emperor protects, the empress nurtures and the lovers partake of each other. Think of these cards when you think of me and our love will grow stronger.

Luck Spellcaster
Friendship Spellcaster

Through the warmth of the morning sun the magician and the high priestess shall walk together to join us in friendship. Think of me each day while standing in the morning sun and feel me there. I choose you and you I.

End a Dispute Spellcaster

Let justice help us to pass judgment upon this dispute with the swiftness of the chariot. Somewhere between us there is balance -- let us find it.

To Effect a Change Spellcaster

Past judgment has come and gone. Through the hand of change set anew the events before you. Think of these cards during moments of despair or sorrow, so they may help you to effect a change of circumstance, alter your path.

Sweet Dreams Spellcaster

Sleep within the light of the moon and reflect upon your inner self. In your soul you shall find the sweetest of all dreams. Concentrate upon these cards as you lay in bed just before you go sleep.

Success Spellcaster

I send forth the Magician with his wisdom and understanding to guide you past the Wheel of fortune into the golden sunlight of success.

Charm Spellcaster

With these cards before you, draw beauty from a starlit sky. As this energy fills you think of me and it will bring me closer to you. Under the stars, through the power of the magician we are transformed to meet ethereally as the lovers.

Courage Spellcaster

The light from a night time sky draws all of your inner strength to your heart. The charioteer represents and brings to you courage, take it in. One must seek courage only when it is needed and therefore concentrate upon these cards only in those times as well.

STEP #2: To whom shall we send your Spell?

Please enter both yours and the recipient's name and e-mail addresses in the boxes below. Please be certain the E-Mail address is correct. Incorrect addresses are the number one reason for cards failing to be delivered. You may send your spell to as many as 5 people

STEP #3 Select Your Text And Background Colors:

Use the four color palettes below to select your Spells text and background colors. The Spell Background Color will be used as the background of you card. The Spell Border Color will be your card's border color. The Page Color palette sets the page's color. The Text Color palette sets the color your message text will be displayed in. Select colors by clicking on them. If you do not select any colors, your card will be displayed with black text against a white background.

Text Color:
Background Color:
Border Color:
Page Color:

STEP #4 Select postage stamp for you Spell:

If you would like to add a stamp to your Spell, select an image from the drop-down menu below. Your selected image will appear to the right of the drop-down box.

STEP #5 Select Music:

If you would like to have background music for your Spell, select a midi or mp3 file from the drop-down menu below. When you make a selection from the menu below, a music preview window will open so you can hear your selection. Please note your browser may require a plug-in to be installed. If the recipient is using a browser without the proper plug-in, they will not be able to hear the music you selected. Skip this section if you do not want background music.

STEP #6 Select a font and type size:

FINAL STEP The Message:

Focus upon the matter at hand--concentrate all of your energy toward the message you want to send. Remember to be nice, bad little spell casters have been known to get locked in the void for an eternity. HTML is not allowed.

To preview your spell, click the preview button below.

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