Cartomancy is a process of fortune telling with the help of deck of cards. This form of fortune telling emerged in the 14 century when playing cards first emerged in Europe. The people who practice Cartomancy are known as ‘Cartomancers’.
It is claimed by some of the practitioners that this type of fortune telling is being practiced long back since the ‘Ancient Egyptian’ times. In the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries the standard playing cards were used in this process for reading the future.
The 1st deck of playing cards was introduced in Italy in the 15th century. During this period total 22 cards were added to the existing deck. It is believed that the first tarot cards came from here.
The historical figures also indicate that the Empress Josephine, Tsar Alexander of Russia and Napoleon used this method in making their important decisions.
Both tarot cards and standard playing cards can be used in this method. There is a difference between the tarot decks and the decks that are used in this method. The tarot card consists of 21 trump cards and 1 fool card. Occultists collectively refer to these cards as ‘Major Arcana’ and ‘Minor Arcana’ to the 56 conventional cards. Arcana mean hidden things. The Minor Arcana deck comprises of 4 cards which are queen, king, knight and page that also includes the usual 10 numbered cards also.
These cards are of mysterious nature. Hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades indicate the essentials that compile up the world and these major elements are fire, water, earth and air. The numbers on the cards also carry meaning. The reader interprets the meanings revealed by the cards to the clients. These days people are very much into all magical sought of things which help them in knowing about their future.

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