Astral Projection
Out of body experience is the ability to project your etheric body outside your physical body, it is also known as astral projection, soul travel, astral travel etc. Lucid dreaming and remote viewing are less interactive than out of body experiences. With astral projection you can do many things even our modern scientist are incapable of doing.

Most people fail astral projection because of wrong preparation. In astral projection forums don't discuss the proper preparations, without any kind of preparations astral projection can be frustrating, simply because your mind is not tuned properly. Below are tips on how to astral project easily.

1.Breathing; Once you understand the significance of proper breathing you will be able to tune your mind into any type of mental exercise you want. Breathing is known as the bridge between subconscious mind and conscious mind. Five minutes before you begin your exercises you should take three deep breaths or alternatively you can do breathing meditation.

2.Affirmation; Sometimes our own personal beliefs gets in the way when we try to do something new, or when we step out of our comfort zone, in order to deal with this, it is important to find your own affirmations that will deal with your own fear, doubts or any other challenges that you are currently facing.

3.Relaxation; Relaxation is also an important part when it comes to mental exercises, when you are relaxed your mind drifts into alpha state, where it is highly receptive in this state astral projection techniques will be more effective than when you are not relaxed. You can download some mp3 or cd with binaural beats or self-hypnosis audios that will assist you in your relaxation.

4.Protection; Always remember when you step into the astral realm/etheric realm there are different types of etheric entities and energies that will influence your thoughts or your emotions, it is wise to protect yourself from these energies, it is not so much that they are harmful but you might disturb the natural order of things, Even though you are attached to your physical body with the silver cord but it is always wise to make a protective energy shield.

5.Techniques; You can always choose which method or technique is easier and comfortable to you, as every person differs from others. There are many astral projection techniques you can find them from different books, articles audio books etc, such as kundalini technique, vibrational technique, rope technique, rolling over technique, chakra techniques etc.

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