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Cartomancy - Card Divination

Posted by on in Methods Of Divination
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Cartomancy | Card Divination

Cartomancy is a form of psychic ability that has many practical benefits. Cartomancers use decks of cards for divination, or the telling of fortunes. Originally, cartomancy was performed using a standard deck of cards; however, in recent centuries, the use of Tarot cards has become more prominent. Cartomancy has been the most popular form of divination for the past 300 years.

History of Cartomancy

Although cartomancy first appeared in Europe after playing cards were introduced during the 14th century, the true origin of cartomancy is somewhat disputed. This is because no one quite knows the origin of Tarot cards. Many theorists speculate that Tarot cards were invented in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian culture was rich in mysticism and symbolism. Unfortunately, there is no direct evidence linking Egypt with tarot cards, so it is ultimately unknown whether cartomancy originated in Egypt or Europe.

Nevertheless, speculations that Tarot cards originated in Egypt greatly influenced the history of cartomancy. In 18th century France, Antoine Court de Gebelin became convinced that Tarot cards were encoded with an esoteric message from the Ancient Egyptians. He thought that if he could decode the message, he would have access to a secret language that could predict the future. After Antoine, many Europeans attempted to decode the message hidden in Tarot cards. This led to Tarot decks being recreated many times. Those who understood the secret message hidden in the cards could use them to predict the future, and cartomancy almost entirely shifted from playing cards to Tarot cards.

What You Should Know About Cartomancy

Tarot cards have special properties that enable subjects to gain insight into their current and future life situations. Some traditions believe that this special force is Gaia. Others believe that Tarot cards enable them to enter mankind's collective subconscious or their own subconscious. Tarot readers generally won't allow anyone but themselves access to their Tarot cards. The cards should be respected and used for no other purpose than for Tarot readings.

Because of the ambiguity involved in interpreting the Egyptian message encoded in Tarot cards, there are literally hundreds of variations of Tarot decks. When you go in for a Tarot reading, nearly every reader will use a different deck of Tarot cards. Luckily, it's generally understood that each deck contains the potential to predict the future. You should expect a good Tarot reader to understand the meaning of the cards in his or her own way and to only use the generally accepted meanings as a guide. This way, no matter which deck you get, you won't be getting scammed. If you go in for a Tarot reading and receive a dire or morbid reading, you should get more opinions from different Tarot card readers. The large number of decks and cartomancy methods leaves a lot of room for error. An unwanted result might just be caused by a mistake in interpretation from the Tarot reader.

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