Cheiromancy is telling a person's future by reading their palms The lines of the palm are said to foretell things about our lives like our health, challenges and relationships

Cheiromancy is telling a person's future by reading their palms. The lines of the palm are said to foretell things about our lives like our health, challenges and relationships. The lines of the palm do change during the course of our lifetimes and if you get a reading a few years down the road from your last one, you may notice it is different.

Palmistry, or cheiromancy, bases its meanings on the shape of the palm, the length and shape of the fingers, the major lines that cross the palm, the mounds on the palm, and the fine lines of the palm. A thorough reading should refer to both palms.

The dominant hand shows your actions and how they affect your life, while the weaker hand shows the potential you were born with.

The major lines of the palm include the heart line, the head line, the life line and the fate line. Some people also have a health line.

The heart line is usually the uppermost long line that begins between your index finger and middle finger, sweeping across the palm to the edge of your hand. The heart line can reveal your romantic potential, some points that may affect your health and how emotional you may be.

The head line is next, beginning halfway between your index finger and thumb and cutting across the middle of your palm. The head line tracks your intellectual abilities, your character and your mental health.

The life line begins just below the head line and wraps around the mount of Venus (the fleshy part of your hand beneath your thumb). The life line may give indications about your health and major events that may take place in your life.

The fate line, if you have it, will run vertically from just below your middle finger down through the palm. The fate line may indicate your career potential, how ambitious you are, major life events and milestones. Deep, clear lines are easy and straightforward to read. Many of us, however, have breaks, gaps, crosses, islands, chains and other lines that change the meanings found in the palm.

The mounds of the hand are also important. These are the various fleshy parts of the hand.

The mount of Venus is located just beneath the thumb and is the largest mound of the hand. It can suggest things about family, relationships and emotions.

The mount of Jupiter is the small area just below your index finger. It can indicate your achievements, status and authority.

The mount of Saturn is just below the middle finger, and it outlines your sense of destiny and responsibilities.

The mount of the Sun is just below your ring finger and controls your creativity, wealth, happiness and fulfilment you get from life.

The mount of Mercury is just below the little finger, and it will give you insight into your rapport with other people as well as your abilities to communicate.

The mount of the moon is the heel of the hand. It covers your moods and mental state.

Mounts should be moderately raised above the centre of the palm.

If you've never had your palm read, you should find it interesting. You may learn something about yourself that you never realised.

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