Taromancy is the art of divination through the use of Tarot cards. A tarot deck consisting of 78 cards is popularly used for divination, in addition to being a tool for practical problem solving, creative visualization, and meditation, among other things, such as for self-improvement, and as a tool of understanding. A standard deck of tarot cards has 22 cards known as the Major Arcana, or trumps; and 56 cards (4 suits of 14 cards each) known as the Minor Arcana, or pip cards. The cards of the minor arcana are similar to the regular playing cards.

There are many theories regarding the origin of tarot cards and divination through taromancy. The medieval version of the tarot cards date back to the late 1300s or the early 1400s in Northern Italy, and there are theories regarding their Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, and Gypsy origins. ‘Tarot’ is thought to be the French derivation of the Italian, ‘Tarocchi.’

The Cards

Today, there are many versions of tarot cards catering to every interest and belief. Along with it, there are many different interpretations, with new ones being conceived. Taromancers add their own perspective to the thousands of different tarot cards available that cater to many diverse interests.

The 22 cards of the major arcana correspond to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the hieroglyphics used in divination by the ancient Jews. The four suits of 14 cards each of the minor arcana are the Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords – though the names may vary from pack to pack.

Divination by taromancy is simultaneously done with both, the major arcana and the minor arcana cards. The cards of the major arcana describe the larger issues in life, whereas those of the minor arcana describe how the querent will react to a given circumstance, depending on his/her own nature, upbringing, current life style and background.

According to taromancers, the 78 cards of tarot represent the sum total of all the knowledge, and the various permutations of the cards reveal the future, and offer solutions to all the problems.

Taromancy For Beginners

No one really knows how taromancy works, but everyone agrees that it does! One needs to study the cards, their symbolism, and learn their meanings to be good at taromancy. Years of practice, practice, and practice go into being a good taromancer.

Taromancy can be started in the following manner:

• You need to treat taromancy as you would any learning experience. Begin with formal structured readings, and later you can be creative once you have mastered the basics. Go through the tarot books that explain the basic layouts, and some tarot decks come with a little booklet explaining a basic layout.
• To create an atmosphere, you can ritualize by lighting candles, or by evoking your favorite spirit guide.  Ritualizing will keep you from getting careless. Alternately, you can simply be very methodical.
• You need to believe that taromancy will work for you. This hardcore belief and trust in taromancy will give a boost to your self-confidence.

Your skills at taromancy depend on your talent, knowledge, experience and intuition. Either you have these skills or you do not. It is as simple as that

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