In Psychokinesis, levitation is a phenomenon where objects as well as people, defying gravity, rise up in the air without the means of anything physical, and floats about. Levitation has been a belief from the ancient times in Eastern philosophies and religions, and is also known to occur in mediumship, trances, mystical raptures, shamanism, and demonic possession, among others. This paranormal phenomenon of levitation does not have any scientific explanation, and disbelievers of paranormal events always think that some form of trickery is involved – such as electromagnetism, illusion, air pressure, or autosuggestion, among others. On the other hand, the spiritualists, and many religious communities consider it to be a supernatural occurrence – such as an action of some mysterious force, as per their beliefs.   

Paranormal levitation or metaphysical levitation occurs in an altered state, such as a trance, channeling, mysticism, etc. Levitation requires a great amount of concentration, and the phenomenon may last a few minutes, or even a few hours.

Levitation And Religions

The phenomenon of levitation is reported in various religious beliefs, such as in Christianity, in Hinduism, Buddhism, and in a number of Eastern traditions.

Simon Magus, a Christian in the first century, who later started a new religion – Gnosticism, was known to levitate, among other things, such as making himself invisible or changing into an animal. A very well known saint, Saint Teresa of Avila was also known to levitate, as reported by an eyewitness – Sister Anne of the Incarnation, who said that Saint Teresa levitated about a foot and a half for about 30 minutes. Saint Teresa herself wrote that she was frightened of these levitations, but could not do anything about them.

Similar feats are also reported in Hinduism and Buddhism, where yogis and the fakirs are known to walk, rest, and sleep during levitation. Sober and somber people, people who have been upstanding citizens in their countries – in the West – are known to have seen levitations and have written about them. One such is a 19th century judge from France – Louis Jacolliot – who wrote in his book – Occult Sciences in India and Among the Ancients - about the levitation of a fakir he had personally witnessed.  

Levitation is frequently related to demonic possession. Many have reported seeing objects, such as tables, chairs, and beds flying up into the air by themselves, and in cases of exorcism, are known to hurl themselves at the exorcists or those assisting them. One reported case is that of a 16-year-old Clara Germana Cele of South Africa, who, thought to be demonically possessed, used to levitate vertically or horizontally up to five feet in the air. She would come out of this state when sprinkled with holy water.

There is a belief among many religions and cultures that humans possessed knowledge that has been lost to science, over the centuries. How did the ancient Egyptians take up stones, some as heavy as 50 tons, or more, to build those massive and impressive pyramids? What secrets did they possess to manipulate such massive stones?

Believers in the paranormal are convinced that the ancient Egyptians possessed the art of levitation to help move those massive blocks of stones around.

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