Most everyone can admit they don't get perfect results the first time they try something new. Imagine baking a cake for the first time that, once pulled from the oven, falls in the middle. It's common practice to go back and try to see where things went wrong in order to get better results. One might pore over the ingredient list and try to make sure nothing was forgotten or examine whether the oven temperature was correct. One might assess whether the baking powder was past its prime or if the batter was mixed too long-- or not long enough. Yet, when everything appears to be in line, it can be fairly frustrating to imagine what else is botching the results.

The same often happens for those attempting to use the Law of Attraction to bring something desired into their life. It's not that there isn't a full understanding of the Law of Attraction and the need for resonating with a chosen intention. The dedication is there; and so is the belief that the process will work. One may go back repeatedly and check whether there is resistance to an intention by way of duality, fear or unworthiness. Yet, even when everything is in alignment, results are hindered because of one simple detail: failing to recognize the impetus behind the desire to manifest that one thing in the first place.

It doesn't matter if the desire is to manifest a bigger home, a better job or a happier life. What does matter is if there is a desire to manifest a bigger home simply because the current one is too small or too old. Seeking better circumstances because a current job or life situation is below expectation is also flawed. The Law of Attraction is a process where one must springboard his or her intention from a place of gratitude. Manifesting from an attitude of "not good enough" will keep a desire from manifesting every time.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something to be better; however, the Law of Attraction states that focusing on what one does not want will result in more of the same. This is because the focus is on "what's not there". In the same vein, the inability to have gratitude for a situation in the "now" insinuates lack. If one is focusing on manifesting a bigger house because the current one is "not good enough" (or lacking), the subconscious inference of "what is not there" will attach itself to the intention.

To develop gratitude about a situation, take time to write down and contemplate at least five of its positive aspects each day. This may be difficult in the beginning; however, in doing so, a deep sense of appreciation, reverence and peace will gradually emerge. Then, if the inclination is still there, the process of manifesting desires using the Law of Attraction can begin. This time around, when coming from an authentic attitude of gratitude, the results are likely to be much more satisfying.

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