It is really a puzzling occurrence that various lines on one’s palm happen to illustrate some big or small changes of lives. The different palm lines have been appealing the individuals of all ages for years. These palm lines are often persistently forming, varying and then disappearing.

Reading of palm, known as Palmistry is truly a mesmerizing art and a skill of interpreting the exact meaning of these on one’s palm.  

Steps and things involved in palm reading

Which hand is to be selected for palm reading?

This is the most commonly asked question by various individuals. As per traditional rules of palmistry, right hand of men and left hand of women should be seen, though scientific approaches are absolutely different to it and proclaim that both hands of men and women should be seen.


If the hand is flexible, then it shows person’s adjustable nature. More flexibly depicts that the person is of highly adaptable nature.


The texture of one’s hand is a doorway to the character of person and needs to be observed for both including front and back of palm or hand. The hand with soft texture represents refinement and sensitivity while uncouth hand illustrates the coarse nature of person.


The color of palm or hands is accountable for representing the blood circulation level in the body of person such as pinkish color showcases the healthiness, yellow color depicts much bile production and blue color denotes any blood circulation problem.


The shape of nails is highly accountable for representing the insight of an individual; longer nails are the signs of creativity while square shaped nails show orderliness; even skin beneath the nails is also significant as it illustrate various qualities of a person.


The mounts can be generally seen at the bases of fingers. Mount of Jupiter is situated at the bottom of index finger and depicts loving nature, religion, leadership and ambitions. Mount of Saturn is at the foot of second finger and illustrates balance, sadness, wisdom and soberness. Mount of Apollo, which is at the bottom of ring finger, illustrates success, happiness, artistic tendencies and brilliance. Mount of Mercury is at the foot of 4th finger and denotes person’s aptitude for business, industry and shrewdness. At the bottom of thumb is mount of Venus that showcases the qualities of passion, music, love and sympathy. The edge, beneath the bottom of forth finger, is known as Mount of Moon showing selfishness, coldness, mysticism and imagination


Heart line is most prominent and is beneath the fingers, then moving down, is head line showcasing intellectual nature and then comes the life line , which forms a downward twisting path on the hand illustrating length and nature of person’s life.

Palm are probably the most important and reachable part of body and represents several things such as nails, their size, fingers, flexibility, color and texture of palms. From here starts the learning of Palmistry and then moves to different palm lines. Along with, some mounts are also there on hands showcasing different qualities of individuals; some lines are also emerged from these mounts to stand for various qualities.

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