Palm reading is the practice of predicting or seeing the future using the human palm. It is used in different variations all over the world. Palm reading relies on using the lines etched into our palms to depict the many changes in our lives. Palm reading is very accessible. It is a time-honored skill that has been practiced for thousands of years. Its roots trace back to Indian Astrology and Roman fortune tellers. You will be able to tell a lot about your life by learning the basics of palm reading.

How to Read Palms

You will have to decide which palm to read before beginning. Traditional palm readers usually read the right hand for men and the left hand for women. However, there is a growing belief that you must look at both palms on every person. In this belief, the left hand is the gateway to the natural persona of a person. The right palm exhibits what person has achieved with their gifts and personality. This switches if a person is left handed.

You will also have to know all of the major lines on a hand and what they represent before you can read palms. The major lines on your palm include:

The Lifeline

The Head Line

The Love Line

The Line of Fate

The Line of the Sun

Children Lines

The lifeline is located between your index finger and thumb. It is the line that is shaped like a downward curve that approaches your wrist. The lifeline will give you information about how long you are going to live. The head line is the other line that begins between the index finger and thumb. It will indicate the health and state of your mind. The love line is located right above the head line, running parallel to it. This line will tell you about your romantic life. The line of fate moves from your wrist to the top of your hand. You will be able to find it by looking at the center of your palm. It will give you information about the direction you are heading in life. The line of the sun is found to the right of the line of fate. It will tell you about the successes in your life. Finally, the small lines found around the base of your pinky will tell you about your children.

Using the Lines on Your Palm

The lifeline is generally the first line that is read. When you read any of the lines, strong, deep lines represent strong feelings and action. Weak, lightly defined lines indicate that a person has a lot of thoughts but very little action. Any breaks in the lines of the palm represent a disturbance that occurred at that point in a person's life.

It is important to consider the lines in conjunction with the other parts of a person's hand in order to get a full reading. You must also look at the fingers, nails, texture and color of a hand. Palm reading is an easy art to learn, but it will take several years to master. It will take a lot of practice to be able to extract as much information as possible from a human palm.

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