The Common Psychic Abilities of Children

Every individual is born with the ability to smell, hear, see, feel and have contact with the spirit world. Psychic abilities are especially prevalent in children. Psychic children have the ability to read people or places, see the future and contact ghosts. Children in their toddler years have the highest psychic ability. As we grow older, society teaches us that we can't understand things beyond our comprehension and we forget about our psychic abilities. We need to understand the psychic abilities of our children and help their gifts grow and prosper.

Common Child Psychic Abilities

One of the most common psychic abilities that children have is clairsentience, or empathy. Empathy allows children to feel and understand the emotions of other people, animals and spirits. They don't understand these feelings by mere observation. Instead, they channel the feelings of others. Empathy also allows psychic children to project their emotions on other people. They also sometimes experience the psychical sensations of those around them.

Telepathy is also common among children with psychic ability. Telepathy allows children to understand what other people are thinking and send their thoughts to others. Children with this ability are often very confused. They have constant random thoughts popping up into their head. It is important for children with telepathy to get training to harness their ability.

Signs of Psychic Ability in Children

There are a number of behaviors and symptoms that should alert you to a child's psychic ability. If a child has empathy they will constantly mirror the emotions of other children. If one of their friends starts crying, they will cry. They tend to be abnormally compassionate to other people and animals.

If a child is telepathic, they often finish other people's sentences. They may experience the same dreams as their friends or family. A telepathic child will respond to your questions before you even ask them.

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