If you consider yourself a sensitive person, it may be that you could benefit from learning how to use psychic self-protection. You don’t need to be under attack from a sorcerer to fall foul of negative energy that badly affects you, as there are many situations that might result in harmful forces entering your system, and ways of healing the problem.

Do you require psychic protection?

There are three main reasons why people might need psychic protection. The first is that they are empathic and often spend time helping other people who have problems. The second reason is that they suffer from nightmares, negative thoughts or experience many continuous difficulties. The third, and rarest of reasons, is that they believe that someone who practices sorcery wishes them harm.

Empathic people

If you are empathic, you are extremely sensitive to the needs of other people and find it is easy to imagine that you are in their shoes. You probably find that people come to you when they are unhappy and need someone to listen to them, as they feel better after spending time with you. In addition, you may be in a caring profession and find that just as people with problems are drawn to you, you are also drawn to them, as though it might be your purpose in life to be helpful.

Empathic people tend to become so absorbed in the emotional imbalance and negativity they sense coming from other people that they can begin to experience negative energy. Absorption occurs due to their natural need to understand other people and know how they feel so that a solution can be found that helps them. By experiencing how people feel empathic folk can begin to understand them and help them heal.

Luckily, using psychic self-protection in order to prevent full absorption taking place need not render individuals unable to help other people with problems. Practicing self-protection simply helps individuals retain a separate identity, including retaining their own feelings instead of becoming unsettled by other people’s energy. In addition, psychic protection of this nature can help empathic individuals gain insight and perspective that they would usually lose if preoccupied with absorption.

Negative vibrations

Negative vibrations can arrive from a variety of sources. They may stem from geopathic energy from beneath the ground, natural elements or even from material items that have been previously owned. Sometimes the vibrations experienced are not really negative at all, but they are powerful and upset emotional balance. Those that spring from ley lines are just one example.

The effect of vibration imbalance can be illness, unease, bad dreams and a sense that nothing is right. If life seems a constant struggle, although there is no viable reason why this is so, perhaps you need to address an emotional imbalance caused by negative vibrations.

Psychic self-protection can help you if you are affected by negative vibrations via aiding you in deflecting subtle energies instead of soaking them up. Protection can also help keep your emotions balanced and align you with energies above and below you so that harmony is achieved.


Genuine sorcery involving psychic attacks are rare. However, individuals who have powerful energy can inadvertently, or purposefully, badly affect other people by sending them negative thoughts backed-up with ill intentions.

If someone wishes you harm, he or she can’t cause you any problems unless you are open to receiving it. Psychic self-protection can help you block negative energy so that it doesn’t affect you.

Methods of psychic self-protection

Psychic self-protection doesn’t involve going into battle; it involves safeguarding your own subtle energies from invasion by putting a healthy defense system in place. It makes sense to protect yourself in this way just as you would use a firewall to protect your computer from potential viruses when surfing the Internet.

Psychic egg

The psychic egg method of protection can be useful when you find yourself in contact with a person with problems and you begin to feel depleted of energy. Needy people can sometimes drain the energy of helpers without knowing that they are doing so.

Visualize a subtle white light emanating from the entire surface of your body and stretching outwards until the shape it makes around you is that of an egg. See the light becoming brighter and stronger in your mind’s eye, pushing away darkness. Feel a growing sense of love and strength as the light grows.

You can continue listening to a person with problems and helping them, safe in the knowledge that you have psychic protection in place. Know that once you have visualized the psychic egg it will stay with you for some time, and will only need replenishing if you begin to tire.

Psychic energy attunement

Psychic attunement with the natural energies above and below you can be helpful if you feel emotionally off-kilter.

Imagine that, like a tree, you have roots beneath you that plunge deep into the earth, branches above you that grow up towards the sky, and branches that grow horizontally across the land. Feel your roots pushing downwards and sense the earth around them. Feel the wind in your branches and sense the warmth of the sun above you.

Once you have mastered the art of psychic self-protection you can use it at any time to ground you and ward off unwanted energies that don’t suit you. Knowing how to guard yourself from negativity that emanates from sources outside you can be a great asset.

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