Mediums are people that have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Mediums are often used as a middleman between the dead and living. For example, if a spirit has a message to pass on to a friend or relative or vice versa, the services of a medium can be used. Mediumship is not only confined to simply speaking to or for the dead. There are different types of communication that different mediums use in order to communicate with those in the world beyond.

The Spirit Guides

Some mediums, when assuming their talent, are guided by a spirit whose purpose is to help the medium develop their skill. The spirit guide can help relay messages for the medium or facilitate his/her communication with spirits. A spirit guide is often someone closely related to the medium. There are some mediums who are able to communicate directly without the need for a spirit guide.

Types of Mediumship

The most commonly referenced type of mediumship is what is called mental mediumship or Seance. Mental mediums are able to see, feel or hear messages from spirits. These communications are done with or without the help of the medium's spirit guide.

One type of this mental mediumship is called trance mediumship. To communicate, the medium will enter a deep trance allowing the spirit or spirits to communicate their message. The medium will then write or speak the message that the spirits wish them to say. Most times the medium won't have any remembrance of what the spirit's message was.

Channeling is another common method mediums use to communicate with spirits. Not to be confused with trance mediumship, channeling is when the spirit actually takes on the medium's body, almost as if the medium has become possessed by the spirit. The spirit is then able to communicate its message. While the spirit is in control of the medium, the medium's voice may change to the voice the spirit had in real life. Often, the spirit is contacted to answer questions or to give knowledge to those that wanted to communicate with the spirit.

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