Mediums are the people who possess the supernatural and the gifted force of communicating with the Spirits. The following of the medium is to maintain the communication with the people after death. The main purpose of the practice is to prove the survival of the human relationships after the death and help the bereaved families to come in terms of the loss of losing their most affectionate and dear ones.

The sitting with the medium is different from fortune telling and are experimental sessions to provide evidence of the presence of the Spirit. The attempt to communicate with Soul is purely experimental and therefore there are no guaranteed results.

A Spiritualist Medium is one who is a believer of Spiritualism. Modern Spiritualism took it shape in the year 1848 with the sensational spirit interactions in Hydesville which led to rapid practice all through America, ultimately reaching Europe. Mediums who reveal in Spiritualist Churches are observed by the Spiritualists National Union which helps to ensure that they maintain high standard medium-ship.

Physical medium deals with the revelation only at private places. Any person seated with the medium can visualize what is happening or hear sounds. The souls communicate with the mediums through audible voices or materialized figures the personal information of themselves, their memory of how they lived in earthly lives and information of how they live in the spirit world.

Mental Mediums is the practice through the mind of a channel. They can hear, visualize and sense the presence of the Souls.

Psychic Mediumis the term that has taken it presence recently and is someone who practices both as medium and psychic.

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