One must have heard about Psychic predictions and even have consulted them to get more information about his/her future. Whenever thinking of predictions, the images of various astrologers sitting with their computers, charts or printouts flicker in one’s mind. Most of the times, the prediction of future situations by various techniques including astrology (both western and Vedic) are truly based on some mathematical calculations. However, Psychic predictions are not mathematical and most of the times one might have noticed that these sound somewhat illogical. Psychic put into use their own tools including pendulums, cards and crystals and the predictions made by them are not based on any calculation or logical based approaches.  Psychic predictions primarily depend upon the intuition skills that can either be present in the individual from birth or can also be developed by making use of various meditative methods.

Everyone in this world has a sub conscious and conscious self and the intuitive abilities comes under the section of sub conscious domain and may become apparent to different individuals in different styles. For instances, some may see prognostic dreams, some may hear some unexpected things and some of individuals may also experience visions.

Psychic prediction

A Psychic is an individual who has accomplished a significant connection with his/her inner or sub conscious being. As described earlier, Psychic often use an aid or tool to actually generate a connection and Tarot cards or crystal balls are good tools for that. All these techniques or tools render the necessary jump needed for a Psychic to enter into some sort of meditative trance, where he/she can either feel or hear or see things.

Some among Psychics have an excellent empathic capability, when they enter in the room, they can tell what has happened here and what has to be happened in the room. Some of them can even tell beforehand who is on the door or who is ringing on the phone. These inherent qualities are present almost all individuals; however Psychic may have developed these by using some special meditative or other techniques.

Several names have been given to different Psychic on the basis of their capabilities such as Clairaudient Psychic is the one who can hear things; Clairvoyant Psychic is someone who can see things and Empath can sense things.  It is also believed that all Psychic capabilities are the functions of some Chakra in the body of individuals, for instance third eye chakra renders the capacity to clairvoyance and if this chakra has been activated, the individuals will start to experience all these abilities.

Several world renowned eastern mystics spend a substantial amount of time in doing meditations. These activities are often done to keep the mind calm and activating different chakras of body. Some western mystics also put into use various processes where an individual’s Psychic abilities are enhanced or activated. Whatever be the method, all require huge practice and dedication of intended.

One may find several Psychics around making predictions; however one must be aware about the frauds who take out everything from individuals by doing wrong predictions.           

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