Every living thing possesses an aura. Auras are composed of seven layers that make up your body's spiritual energy system. In an aura reading, auras appear to aura readers as colorful halos that surround your body. By understanding this energy, aura readers will be able to separate good from bad energy, enabling them to purify your spirit.

What Are Auras

Everything in the universe is composed of vibrations. These vibrations are what cause auras to occur. In humans, auras are constantly changing because our consciousness is dynamic. Our moods, emotions and intentions all change how our auras will appear. Auras cannot be faked. They express our true selves.

Anyone can see auras. In fact, most children do see auras. This only changes when we get older and become attached to society's notion that auras do not exist. By training your eyes and mind, you too can see anyone's aura, including your own. Learning to see auras will allow you to see others beyond appearances.

Aura Reading

You can have your aura read by a professional aura reader. Doing this has many benefits. An aura reader can see your aura at all seven levels. They can compare what your aura is supposed to look like with how your aura actually looks. Auras are composed of many colors. Aura readers can separate good colors from bad colors. They can even eliminate the bad colors and help purify your spiritual energy. By identifying energy colors that are not supposed to be there, you can begin to release these energies.

An aura reader should not try to predict your future. By viewing your aura, an aura reader can understand your true self and where you want your future to lead. More than anything, however, a reader should respect your free will. Aura readers should only try to purify your body's spiritual energy.

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