It is always a tragedy when a beloved family member or friend passes on to the next life, but just because they are gone does not mean that you must relinquish contact from them. For thousands of years, people have been practicing effective methods that have allowed them to re-establish spiritual communication with the deceased. If you are considering making contact with the spirit world, below are two common ways that you can go about doing so. You must keep in mind, however, that patience and perseverance are mandatory when channeling through to the other side, as it can take time to make contact.

Ouija Boards (Spirit Boards)

For decades, many people have considered the Ouija Board to be little more than a mere parlor trick or a juvenile toy for thrill seeking children. Though it can indeed provide harmless, even silly entertainment, the Ouija Board can also be an effective divination tool if used correctly. When used in Occultist or paranormal environments, the preferred name by which to refer to the method is a Spirit Board. It is believed that the Spirit Board is capable of opening up a safe portal through which the user(s) can communicate with the dead.

Mirror Gazing

Connecting to the dead through the use of a mirror is an old practice and involves establishing a strong sense of calm. First, you find a dimly lit (candle light is ideal) and quiet place in which inner peace and stability can be achieved. After doing so, you will want to place one or more personal items of the deceased around you. Though this is not by any means required, it will certainly help invoke the presence of the spirit you desire. Relax mentally and physically, and try to look through the mirror instead of simply staring at it. Do not try to will something to appear; let it appear as it comes, and accept what your senses reveal to you. If you feel yourself getting nervous, take deep, rhythmic breaths to calm yourself.

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